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Small, Custom Scrapbooks

Small, Custom Scrapbooks

Howdy Scrappers!

Below you will find several examples of small, custom made scrapbooks.  Not all of them are mine, but they are beauties and excellent examples to give you the motivation and ideas you will need to get working on your first or perhaps your next custom scrapbook. 

Small scrapbooks are typically done in a shorter span of time.  They sometimes take up less materials, but I find that I put even more good stuff in my smaller books.  Perhaps it's a mental thing.  Little, but mighty! Just like me! Ha!  I enjoy working on smaller scrapbooks.  8x8, 4x4 and even smaller.  It is an excellent way to get rid of smaller scrap pieces of paper and those tiny embellishments that seem to get lost on a 12x12 format.

Little books are also ideal for a situation where you only have a few photos or you have annoyingly small photos in abundance.  For instance, school pictures.  Those little, wallet sized pictures that your children might receive from their friends or that you have left over from your own children or from when you were a child.  What a fantastic way to put those together?!  I just gave myself an idea!

Using a smaller format for your album is good for when you only have a few pictures that you want to group.  Such as a short vacation or a trip to the zoo where you did not take that many pictures.  It also might allow you to spend some real effort and resources because you do not need as much.

Gift Idea!  I very often make small or mini books as gifts or tokens of appreciation and they are gladly received.  It may only take you a good portion of an afternoon to assemble a small scrapbook.

The first book here, is one my best friend made me.  She, another girlfriend and I went on a weekend trip to Durbuy, in Belgium.  As a gift for me, she made this lovely book so that I would remember the GREAT time we had there.  The colors are bright and fun.  I am totally digg'n all of the ribbon around the ring, too!  If I'm not mistaken, she used beer coasters as her foundation for these pages.  They make for an excellent, mini, shaped book.  They are not only rigid, but they come in a variety of sizes and shapes and the best part is they are FREE.

The round book, I made for my sister-in-law just this last Christmas.  I got this great tin from a scrapbooking workshop I attended years ago and finally put it to use.  The pages are one sided and they are loose in the can.  I put it together in 1,2, 3, but editing the pictures so that they were small enough to fit on the circles was a bit taxing.  The end result was well worth it.  Just a totally different kind of scrapbook.

This is a smallish, shaped, die cut book.  It was my first attempt at one and I did find it a bit tricky getting the paper just right on the heavy card stock.  I used my friends idea of dressing the rings that bind to add luxury and soften the look.  You will find more about this page on an earlier blog entry.

Here are some more inserts made from the year before's Christmas cards.  I save all my cards with nice sayings, pretty pictures or motifs as well as dimensional goodies.

 This mini album was made under the instruction of Karen Foster herself.  Yes, I had the wonderful opportunity to not only meet one of my all time favorite designers, but to take a class given with her instruction.  Definitely a topper of scrapbooking moments.  She was very, very nice, BTW and a great teacher.

The book itself, was a part of the workshop.  It is a 3x3.  Everything was provided except the pictures, scissors and glue.  It was finished in under 2 hours.  The event was called Scrap-A-Ganza.  It was held in The Netherlands and the classes were full, full, full.  I had a wonderful time there and met many enthusiastic scrappers like myself.  An amazing opportunity for anyone.

These shaped books were actually  reading books from my kids.  I featured one on my last blog, but I thought I would included both because they are custom and small.

Now you have an arsenal of ideas to get started on your next project.  I am in the beginning phase of a small accordion book.  It is called "Doe Ne Keer Zot" which means, do something crazy, in Dutch.  In the book are pictures of various family members letting themselves go.  The book is sure to bring a million laughs and smiles for all that look through it.  I will be giving a more in depth, How To blog on this book.  Accordion books are really great for beginners and for those who have limited supplies.  You don't need much to have a nice finished project.  The colors are absolutely fantastic.  Bright and fun just like the book.  I am using a recently purchased packet from Echo Park called Happy Days.  It just seemed to fit.  The first page is done and I'm very pleased with it.  Be sure to catch the next blog and keep up on my progress on my FaceBook Page, The Cherry On Top.  Happy Scrapping!

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