Monday, July 30, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Idea

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I scoured the web (Are they even calling it that any more?) for teacher appreciation ideas.  There a lot of good ones out there, but nothing I wanted to do personally.  So, as usual, I made up my own thing.  I have boys that are not exactly the easiest of children and I'm sure their teachers have to put forth an extra effort on them.  So, I wanted to do something a little special.  I'm fortunate enough to have my oldest child attend a small, neighborhood school.  I made a plate full of cookies for all of the teachers in his school.  I put them in the teachers lounge for all to enjoy.  Chocolate chip cookies are kind of a delicacy, here in Belgium.  Especially, home made ones, and I made his teacher one of those french fry boxes with her own, extra large cookies in it.  Below, is the tag I used on my delivery basket.  (Up-cycled clothing tag)

 My recipe is that of Better Homes and Gardens.
Too bad the day I chose to bake was one of summer's hottest.  Man, my kitchen was hot!
The chocolate actually started to melt in the car on the way to both schools.  I  never saw that coming.

Awe!  I dropped one of the cookies.  I guess I'll have to just throw it away.  As if?! Hehehe...
These lucky teachers actually received cookies that were still a little warm.

Here are the french fry boxes.  The template can be found on  My staple for creative inspiration.  As you can see, I used some very old scrapbooking paper that has been sitting around for over a decade.  The embellishments definitely made a difference.  Bright and fun and calm and cool.  Excellent for Elementary Ed.

My youngest son has Autism.  He goes to a special school where he has at least 6 different, specialty teachers.  That's a lot of gifts to make! That's also why I chose something like this.

A basket full of goodies for some well deserving teachers.  I made two plates full with about 50 cookies on each plate and then the super large cookies for 8 teachers.  It took me all morning to bake the cookies and make the boxes and I probably spent around $10.  Not bad for the buck, eh?!

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  1. What a nice idea! I am sure they were very much appreciated and you probably made their day!


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