Saturday, September 1, 2012

Parisian Mini

Whoo hoo!  A super, happy Saturday to all of you out there in cyber land!

I have finally managed to get my butt up to the attic, where all of my actual, traditional, scrapbooking things are.  Although, I'm in the middle of at least 3 different projects, this Paris one has been really fun so far, as expected.  I'm working with just pink, black, white, off white, silver and gold.  

My pictures are pretty pathetic.  Why on earth would we take such lame pictures of Paris?!  A little too much Parisian beverages of the alcoholic sort perhaps?  It wasn't the first time I've been there and I'm sure I'll go back again, but this trip was special. It was for my hubby's and my 5th year wedding anniversary.  Although, that was 3 years ago.  I still can't believe it was 3 years ago.  It feels like just yesterday. We go out once a year for a weekend away from high maintenance children and it really is a needed experience.  

Paris is a super, super place to visit.  The architecture is amazing and of course the food is good.  We stayed at a lovely little hotel not far from the Arc De Triumph and did the typical toursity stuff.  The Louvre had about a 4 hour wait to get in.  So we ditched that.  I had already been there and it was definitely an awesome museum.  A must see.

So here is the start to my mini Paris Album.  It has to be a mini because I only took a dozen pictures or so.  A small sized book is best for that.  This is a 6x6 and I have to say, totally lame for pages with dimension.  Ugh!  I will no longer buy these sleeve type books.  They just can't handle any kind of thick embellishments and I love embellishments. I may try to figure out if I can somehow dissect it and make a different kind of book, but with the same covering.  If it is a success, I will be sure to let you know how it goes. 

I really wish I had some kind of set or collection for this book, but alas, not.  I just gathered my color pallet through all of my collections and made no special purchases.  This means a lot of home made stuff and a dash of extra creativity.

OK, enough blah, blah, blah...  Enjoy the pictures.  I will be posting the other pictures as I get them finished.

My rather mundane attempt at layering.  Not sure if it is lack of skill as it is a lack of cash for an abundance of coordinating goodies.  All the same, we make do with what we have.

The above page is pretty cool.  I'm digging on that transparent tag.  I've always loved black and white.  It seems like a timeless classic.  Does that make any sense? Hehehe...

There you have the beginnings of a mini, filled with terrible pictures and much needed bling and glitter, for it is Paris.

I have another huge project in the works, but I don't want to spoil the surprise.  So, I'll just be showing little glimpses of the work in progress.

Have a restful and wonderful weekend!

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