Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Calling

A super, sunny Thursday to all of you!

Wow!  Pow!  Do you ever have it where something just calls out to you, "Buy me!"  "Take me!"  "Download me!" or "Use Me!"?  I am very often moved by products, nature, people, events, etc.  I might be accused of wearing my emotions on my sleeve.  Some stuff I just have to have.  I just have to. This kit was one of them.  Aimee Harrison's, "Coming Of Age" kit, was just super, duper cute and it spoke to me.  Heck, this kit embraces me.  It is who I am.  Girly fierce?  For sure!  I love to do my nails, buy pretty dresses and get my hair done (at least once a year...hehehe...), but I also like to watch sports and I might give you just a little shove or at least a dirty look if you get to that clearance item before I do!  LOL!

This kit may not be for everyone, but it was made with people like me in mind.  I was reading through a few comments from a huge scrapbooking products producer and some of the comments were not in the most positive of nature.  This is what I love about the computer!  You have time to edit!  I love that!  I wish I could do that in real life with the things I say.  Hehehe....If I start to type something negative, I often backspace it away.  What's the point?  Who does it help and really, criticism says more about those who are criticising than those to whom they are referring.  

This first layout is a great example of who I am and it's also going to be a profile picture on my FB.  It is already my profile picture on my FB Page as well as my wall as you see further below. 

I recently came across some of my first tries at digitally manipulating a wall and profile picture and I have to give myself a pat on the back.  I have indeed, come a long way!  There is a lot of room for improvement, but I like the direction it has taken.

The biggest sacrifice, I must say is, time for traditional scrapping.

Below are my first two Facebook wall and profile picture attempts at digital scrapping.  Ha!  Just a few months in between, but a huge difference in appearance.  Wow!

Wrapping up yet another edition of my blog that not too many people read and hardly anyone comments on, but that's ok because it's all just a place for me to channel in all of this creative stuff and find others who enjoy doing the same.  

Here is a link where you can purchase this kit:
Here is the link to my FB Page:
Take care


  1. I LOVE this. It is so you, indeed, and you are wonderful and beautiful. So is the layout. I don't know what you may have been reading that was negative, but obviously they're just jealous that some people know how to rock black, pink, tiger, and cheetah all at once.