Monday, April 1, 2013

A Lovely Craft Project

A very good day to you!  Thanks for joining The Cherry On Top.  

I love when I can get away from my computer and enjoy some actual scrapping time.  I try to get more involved in small projects lately, because I see when I get into big projects it takes forever for me to finish.  Keeping with my TCOT theme, this project is super cheap and fast.  I finally found some chipboard words at a discount store nearby.  It was a whopping 4 Euros, which I actually thought was kind of expensive, hehehe..., but I just had to have it.  Since I splurged (wink, wink) on this, I had to save on how I was going to decorate it.  I used scraps, old buttons, discount gems and studs from old projects and left over trim.  The flowers are also new and something I never normally buy, but I got them on sale by 2 get 1 free.  Yippy!

Let's get started! Do NOT do what I did here.  
Beginner mistake 101!  Major Duh!  I traced on the back of my paper and of course, it came out backwards!  Ugh! Trace on the front of your paper, cut, use your adhesive of choice.  I used double sided tape and glue where the tape didn't cover.  I love double sided tape because your paper doesn't move around.

Now, you could paint your chipboard first, but I actually wanted a little paint around the edges of my paper.  One, to make it look older and two, if you make a mistake and cut a little too much off,
you've covered!
As you can see, I didn't have a dark brown color paint.  So, I had to mix black with light brown.  I still wasn't' crazy about the effect around the edges of the letters so I went a step further and took black paint and barely touched around the edges.  This was what I wanted!  Yes!!!

Use super thin double sided tape to adhere your trim, ribbon, etc.  It works the best.
I used my flowers around the whole project to give it a coherent feel.  Just cut off the craft wire, but it keep it!  I'll show what you can do with it further on.
The blue flowers didn't match that great and I wanted to glam it up a bit more.  I used this glitter mist on it and BAM!  Fantastic flowers!  Don't use much or your paper flowers will melt.  Hehehe...  You also have to wait to adhere them if you are using glue dots.
Here ya get a look at my supplies.  Not to many, right?

I found some really small buttons in my old button bin and glued on some gems on top to cover the holes and add bling and dimension.

I thought the project looked a little lopsided so I put some more flowers on the left for balance.
Now, that craft wire I told you to save.  Take it and make a small coil, leaving a little left over to glue under your flower.  I made two of these and glued with a dot, and put the blue flower on top.  Now I have much more than a flower.  I love this idea!

I just kept adding and adding until I got the effect I wanted.  I have been dying to do something cool with these papers I had and I can totally use some more decore in my bedroom which has these colors in them.  Talk about knocking out the birds with a stone!

Thanks for joining me here, once again and I hope to see ya again soon.  I have a list of FREEBIES I want to get together for you!  Until next time!  Make yourself craft time because you deserve it!


  1. Well once again You came through with another
    GREAT idea on how too spruce up an old picture too make it look even better then it did years ago Keep those ideas coming I have more pictures I would like too improve on but I need ideas
    thanks again for giving me (GREAT IDEAS)lol