Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pop Cakes

Welcome to another edition of TCOT!

I am into everything.  Absolutely everything!  Cooking is detrimental because of all of the crap they are putting into today's food.  I make a lot of stuff from scratch and try to buy organic fruits, veggies, dairy and meat whenever I can get it and it's affordable.

I've been eyeing up a popcake maker.  It just seemed so easy.  Popcakes are smaller than cupcakes and of course, you can put any fresh, healthy ingredients you want in there.  I use stevia in place of sugar when the recipe calls for a smaller amount.  I also use agave and honey when possible.  White, refined sugar is just toxic!

My new popcake maker is fabulous!  It exceeded all of my expectations and that NEVER happens. Hehehe...  The boys were more than happy to help and of course feast on the lovely treats.  I made a couple of batches with no chocolate and a couple with.  I use those rice pops with dark chocolate on.  They are not sweet and add a neat texture to the cake.

You can pop in carrots, fruits, all kinds of healthy ingredients.  It took me about 10 minutes to get the batter ready and then each batch only took 3 minutes to bake!!  I could not believe how lovely they turned out.  This was even a cheap popcake maker.  15 Euros at the Kruidvat!

I have no plans on adding sickly sweet frosting or candy to these.  Check out those happy faces.  They don't need all of that other stuff.  Use any cake or muffin recipe.  Click on the last image for the basic, yellow cake recipe I used.  Enjoy!

Here are my boys pig'n out!

Here are the lovely, golden goodies.  I recommend one of those pastry bags with a wide opening or a large, plastic ziplock with a cut in the corner to put your batter in.  I used a spoon and it was a bit slow and messy.  Stick'm in a clear cookie jar and they will be gone before you know it, with no belly aches!

Thanks for checking out the Cherry!

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