Wednesday, August 14, 2013

G45 Purse Gift Card Holder & FREE template

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I have a special in-law aunty who also likes to scrapbook.  I always make her scrappy gifts.  It's a great excuse to get my scrap on.  I saw an interesting template on Pinterest, of which I'll supply the link, but in my usual manner, I changed it up.  I think I actually made it more difficult and I also learned a few helpful tips for future crafting and for you to learn, too.

Here is the template I got from Pinterest.  You might wanna stick to the steps.  I had a heck of a lot of not so great moments in my re-engineering.  Hehehe....The image is linked up and it is FREE.

I used some rigid, plain card stock that I wouldn't mind peeking through my design.  I traced the template and followed directions.  Eh hem...Hehehe...

I used double sided tape all around the jewel case and adhered the shell.

In the next image you can see that I cut across the bottom of the handle to cut out the half circle, then taped it up.  I knew it would be covered anyway and it saved me some time.

 Be careful around the fold.  If your card stock it too thick, it won't open and close easily.

As you can see with the next image, I used washi to cover all around the edges.  It is really easy to use because you manipulate it just perfectly.  Even in those difficult spots.  The only thing is and this is big, the double sided tape doesn't stick so well to it!

The gift card was this bright blue that really didn't go all that great with the G45 I have, but I found some blue here and there and chose to put a little of the same blue under some layered papers for a bit more cohesion and balance.

I like a vintage, weathered look so I cut strips of paper, wrinkled them up, filed down the edges with my trusty, rusty nail file and used dark brown ink around the edges.  I love that look! I did it around just about everything.

Use double sided tape only at the top of your strip and you get a cool, dimensional effect.  I was just about to snip off that annoying, green, metal stem from my paper flower when I decided to wrap it around a paintbrush tip and raise it.  Now I have cute foliage!

Then decorate it however you choose.  I went with tags, ribbons and tiny paper flowers on different levels for some depth effect.  Warning!  Do NOT go high with your embellishments or the purse will not close.  Since the gift cards are for the casino, I used some circular embellishments to represent chips.

I had to cut out the image of the gift receivers because they were with a few other people.  At least their doggy made the cut!  Ha!

I tried all different things for the handle, but ended up winding black, satin ribbon all around both of them, using mini glue dots every couple of layers to make sure it stayed.  The result, though tedious, looked pretty darn good.  I needed to have a bit of classy glam because that is my aunty!  I layered plaid ribbon, added another tag, wooden camera bellie and some more metal goodies that match the ones on the cover.

I was sipping on some Port as I was snapping away and thought it just kind of went.  Cheers!

 Thank you for hanging out with The Cherries!

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