Saturday, August 10, 2013

Throwing Some Scraps Around

Welcome to yet another edition of The Cherry On Top.

I never would call myself lucky, but I won another fantastic digital scrapbooking collection!  This time it is from, Throwing Some Scraps Around.  So, a huge shout out to them.  Wow!  An entire collection?!  The timing could not have been better.  One of the creative teams I was working on was dispersed and I was totally bummed, but it all turned out just fine.  It's always nice to have that reminder, that sometimes bad things happen, but good things happen, too and it is these good things that we have to focus on.

Now that I'm starting to learn and work with Photoshop Elements, I wanted to try my hand again at what I hoped would be a fantastic cluster frame.  They are not that difficult to make when you have a ton of goodies in all kinds of shapes, sizes and forms like the ones in, "It's Gonna Be Alright" by Throwing Some Scraps Around.

Look at all of those goodies and I didn't even use them all.  That is what I call an awesome collection!  Scroll down further and see all of the other things in the collection.

There is the gorgeous glitter set.  I didn't even use glitter?!  

Here's the preview of the kit.  Look a butterfly and I didn't use that either?!  Hehe...

Always a must have, solids.

A great selection of papers.   This collection is definitely gonna stay on my hard drive.  It's classic and super versatile.  You could use it on any kind of layout for any occasion.

How about some inspirational word art?  Yes, please!  I love that a different theme is being used and that it is ultra positive.  I got some serious good vibes.  How about you?

Thanks again, to Throwing Some Scraps Around, FB for the absolutely awesome prize and thank you for dropping by The Cherry On Top!  There will be more freebies coming up shortly.  



  1. Awesome layout, love the big cluster! An welcome to the team!

  2. Hey! Thanks for checking out my blog and the warm welcome.

  3. Always gorgeous and super creative layouts!!!! Talk about eye candy!