Thursday, February 13, 2014

Birthday FREEBIES!!!

Happy birthday to me....

So, I put up a nice cluster frame on my Facebook Page and felt like that just wasn't enough.  I brewed up a page stacker, too.  You may use both together as well.  They are both versatile and they are yours just for being a fan of The Cherry On Top.

I've been stock piling a bunch of CU stuff and finally came up with something to do with it!  Most of this is from Feli and the bling is from Manu Scraps.  They make beautiful stuff.  I buy most of my CU stuff from The Studio ON SALE!  Hehehe...  I also subscribe to the newsletter where they give a freebie every week.  That's right a FREE CU every week.

Here's your FREE stacker.  Enjoy and thank you for being a part of The Cherry On Top!


This is the FREEBIE over on my Facebook Page.  Click on the image and it will take you there.


And here are some things you can do with the freebies.

Don't ever be afraid to use flowers or pink with pictures of men and boys and scrap yourself for Pete's sake!  I too have a difficult time with this, but here it is.

Have a great day and make time to get scrappy!  You deserve it!!!


  1. Lovely - I like the silver border ... thanks for sharing! && Happy Birthday!

  2. I just LOVE the pictures The coloring is perfect keep on scraping we love you're ideas !!