Thursday, February 27, 2014

Life Is Lovely with Freebies

Welcome To The Cherry On Top!

Le'me guess!  You came to look at the pretty pictures and grab the freebies?!  LOL!  

Well, I'll get right to it!  Obviously, the first layout is my favourite!  This kit is "Life Is Lovely" created and designed by Celeste at Touched By A Butterfly.  She's my designer in the spot light, today.  How about this kit, Folks?!  The palette is so soft and sweet I wanna touch it!

This layout I used as a scrap lift example over on my Facebook Page. I've been putting up inspiration every day to keep my fans on their toes and keep them scrapping!

My little cutie.  Don't be afraid to use flowers and soft colours with boy's pages.  Especially, when you don't have GIRLS TO SCRAP!!!  Hehehe...

"Life Is Lovely" is not too soft to scrap the men in your life!

Before you get a closer look at the kit, let's get to know Celeste from Touched By A Butterfly a little better.  She lives in good ole F-L-A!  My old stomping grounds!  What a great place to give the inspiration she has for her gorgeous creations.  I asked what three things she found most important when designing and she responded:  "Theme, colour scheme and quality".  No surprise there!  That definitely shows in her work.  "Coming up with the theme and title" are some her greatest challenges. I must say, she is not alone there either!  As a CT member for 13 designers, I get that question A LOT!

Celeste is just like me when it comes to getting the colour scheme together.  It's our favourite part!  Although she did admit that, "Sometimes it's a hot mess!"  She is such a trip and a joy to work with!

This kit is just $1.99 right now.  Click on the image and make this big kit yours.


If ya just can't get enough of my layouts above, with the new kit, then head over to and make them yours for just 3.99!  You get all four templates for that price!  It's no wonder artists are starving with prices like that!  Hehehe...


Excellent!  I just went to grab the link for Touched By A Butterly's Facebook Page and saw the newest fan FREEBIE coordinates with this kit. Yay!  How fortunate for you?!  This image is hooked right up to the page.  Who loves ya, Baby?!


And finally!  My goodie I designed with TBAB's kit, "Life Is Lovely".

(Too late, this freebie is no longer available.)


Here are some ideas on how to use the freebie.  It's practically a feature in my first layout.  Crop the length of lace if you and shrink it up to make a cluster like I did with the one on top of the frame.

On this layout I made it the entire length of the page, copied over the lace on the opposite side and mirrored just a few elements, but in the same type of cluster for cohesion and unity.

Thanks for hanging out at The Cherry!


  1. Great posting, love the cluster. This really is a fantastic kit.

  2. So pretty. Thank you.

  3. Thank you, Ladies! I love hearing from you! I saw the freebie on the Facebook Page changed, but it still coordinates with the kit and it is fabulous!

  4. Hi, Lisa. Just realized I hadn't checked your blog in a while. I'm not a scrapbooker, but I like these layouts.