Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Step By Step Spider Web Cake

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

My weekly food entry is this spider web cake.

It was a special request from my son for his birthday party.  I knew I wouldn't be able to buy one, so I hit up Pinterest to see what I could find.  He was very specific.  A chocolate cake, white icing and spiders all over it.

Unlike my mother, I am not a big time baker.  Although, my friends tell me I bake a lot.  Ha!  I am by far, a great baker and only do it so the kids have relatively, not so junky, sweets and for special occasions.

Listen, if you have braved the baking boulevard and failed, like me.  Don't give up!  I almost gave up on this cake, which for me and JJ, turned out perfect. I fail quite a bit in the baking department, but there is a bright side.  You learn a lot.

My first mistake, I used a cake pan that was too big and as you can see, it's a little on the thin side.  For an easy chocolate cake recipe click here.  This was a one bowl, really easy, low in sugar, cake recipe.

My next mistake was the icing.  I've never made it before.  I try to stay away from large amounts of sugar.  I didn't need too much for this decoration so I went ahead with it.  If you don't mind the stuff in a tube, then you may want to try that because you really don't need much icing for this.  If you do go with the recipe, bake up something else to use it up.

I watched a video and used the recipe which you can find here and thought it looked really easy and it was, but let me tell you my mistake so you don't do the same.  I put the butter and sugar in my mixer and added a touch of milk and let it mix and mix and mix.  It looked grainy and it tasted terrible.  I started to pack it in and thought, "What the heck?!  I've already wasted all of these ingredients."  So, I turned the mixer back on and cleaned up the kitchen in the mean time.  That's how long you have to mix the ingredients!!!  

It turned out totally awesome.  The kids went nuts when I let them lick the spoons.

Don't forget to let it mix and mix until the consistency gets a bit fluffy.  I needed mine to be on the softer side because I needed these thin lines.  I put the icing in a zip loc and snipped off a tiny corner.

I couldn't find anything that showed how to make this spider web step by step.  That's why I'm doing this blog.  It's really a synch.

Start with your line down the centre, like pictured above.  Then across the middle and again, like below.  Like you would slice a pizza or a cake.

Then, put a smile connecting one line to the next and go around your cake.  I found the more force I put on my bag, the nicer and smoother the icing came out.

Keep putting your smiles around until you reach the edge.

Add your spider or spiders.  (I borrowed these from a friend.)  I also could camouflage a couple of the bigger imperfections.  Ha!

I put all of my candles in the  middle for something different and to make them easier to blowout.

Here is my not so gorgeous, chocolate, spider cake with very little sugar.  At least now you know how to make the spider web.

Share your pictures here if you take on this project.  I'd love to see this done with more finesse. Hehehe...

Until next time.

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