Monday, December 1, 2014

The Cherry On Top's Most Pinned Meals

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

This week, I am bringing you The Cherry's most Pinned meals with a twist!  In most of these meals you can use your left over turkey!

Monday: (optional meatless or left over turkey) Mexican Skillet Pasta:


Tuesday: Chicken Sliders (Or maybe left over turkey with the sauce heated through.  That will be really fast!)

Serve these up with a small, fresh salad.  (Don't forget to check that there is no sugar in the sauce.)  This is a crock pot meal.  Put your chicken in your crockpot, pour over the sauce and when you get home, dinner is nearly ready.  You can choose whether you want to throw them in the boiler or not.


Wednesday:  quinoa, fish (Or maybe, left over turkey.)

Quinoa recipes are some of the most Pinned recipes on the TCOT Food Board.  This being the top one.  Your starch-ish and veggies are included in this dish, so you only need meat to go with it.  You choose what fits best.  Steak would be lovely, but I'm going for fish.


Thursday:  Ravioli, Sausage Skillet

A really healthy, fresh recipe.  You could choose to dice up fresh onion and garlic and sauté it along with your sausage.  Of course, you could choose to do this without meat.


Fun Food Friday:  Macho Nachos

A family favourite and so many toppings to choose from.  Chilli, beans, cheeses, chicken, left over turkey, hamburger...


I always make my nachos on a deep cookie sheet. A skillet would never be enough.

Saturday:  Thai Meatballs

I would substitute the sugar with a tablespoon of honey.  I'm not sure how kid friendly these will be in your family, but it's always smart to try different recipes and broaden their taste.  My boys love meatballs, I would leave a few out of the sauce and serve them with mashed potatoes because those are always a hit.  If they like the sauce then add it later.


Sunday:  breakfast pizza

I love breakfast any time of day!  Here's a great recipe for you and you can decide for which meal you want to prepare it.  This is from Six Sisters' Stuff, a favourite of mine.

I have a few alternatives.  You could use a tortilla instead of crust and you can also use your eggs as a crust if your wanting to go gluten or bread free.

Here are the steps to make a pizza with the eggs as your base:

Scramble your eggs and milk (if you desire) in a measuring cup, then pour in a hot, non stick pan with a touch of butter. Do as thick or thin as you like. Flip the egg and let it cook to your liking.  If it's a tad wet, no worries, it's going in the oven anyway.

Here are some ingredients you might consider.  A mix of cheese is always lovely, some thinly sliced meat(s), mushrooms, peppers, green onions...and don't forget your sauce or simply canned tomatoes.  Make sure it is a good one with no sugar.

I didn't use a lot of sauce on my pizza and I often use this gadget to spread my fat or sauces in a recipe.

Add your selected meats, veggies, herbs and cheese and put it in the oven, just enough to cook through.  Keep the heat in a middle range (around 200 degrees) and it should be finished in under 10 minutes.

You are all set for the entire week.  Get a list going and get cook'n healthy and fast this week.

Thanks for checking out The Cherry.

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