Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Luigi's No Cost Costume

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We are hanging with the Halloween theme.  I just love Halloween.  Although, it's not taken off in Belgium, it's on a slow roll.  Yay!

Of course, the kids love Halloween.  Perhaps like your kids, my kids are serious gamers.  Last year, Mario was the big deal and JJ had to be Luigi from Luigi's Mansion, at the last minute.  I was a bit frazzled at first.  Especially, with the vacuum.  The clothes, no sweat.

Jeans: Check!

Green T-shirt:  Check!

White Gloves:  Check!  (a pair of my winter gloves)

Green Hat with L:  Check!  (my hat with a hand drawn, green letter L, glue dotted to my hat)  Hehehe...

Black shoes:  Check!  (He just so happened to be wearing these heavy, black shoes. Pure luck!)

Moustache:  Check!  (thank you, black eye liner)

Now, bring in the vacuum.

Materials we used:

cardboard, black marker, scissors, red book wrap or wrapping paper, aluminium foil, funnel, tape (a lot of tape)  hehehe..., a large plastic water/wine or soda bottle and hose thingy

I realise that this is not a beautiful project, but JJ was absolutely over the moon with his costume.  We started off with the wheels.  I took apart an old box and used a side of it.  Find something round in the size you want.  I used my tape and then something larger or smaller to get both circles if you even want to.  You could always just use one circle.

Then, put your kid to work!  JJ cut them out and coloured them just the way he wanted.

The tube was the trickiest part.  Unfortunately, I used something that was too rigid and it was difficult keeping it in the bottle and all nicely connected.  Try to find something with give and flexibility and that is light, too.

Painting the bottle would have taken a while and I don't think the result would have been all that great.  I went for our red wrap that we used to cover the boy's school books.  (Take off the handle.)
If you don't have anything like it consider red sheet paper and a lot of adhesive or tissue paper and a decoupage adhesive style. 

The hose was definitely the hardest part.  I filled in the excess space with folded up paper from the recycle bin and then went crazy tapping around both the bottle and the hose to keep that sucker in there.

Simply cover a plastic funnel with aluminium foil and adhere it to the hose with more tape.

Again, my work horse...TAPE!  Hehehe... Attach it to your hose.  You could cover your tape job if you prefer.

As you can see from the last two pics in my layout, I used a belt to keep the vacuum on JJ.  Ya need really good adhesive for that!  Double sided carpet tape did the trick!  Hehehe...It didn't move!

If JJ wasn't so particular, I would have used a box for the vacuum part, cut out a side of the box and hung it over a back pack, attaching it with staples, more than likely, but it had to be this shape.  Darn Autism.  Hehehe...

We made colourful buttons with our cardboard and markers, too.

Sure, there are other ways to make this costume that are tons better.  This is what we did.  JJ loved it. He got to help with its construction and everyone knew exactly who he was.

Good luck with your costume design and Happy Halloween!

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