Saturday, November 7, 2015

PattyB Scraps, DSD And Freebies

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

Digital Scrapbooking Week is winding down and I'm going to need a vacation.  Hehehe...  This is my second to last freebie and it's coming from PattyB Scraps.  Keep scrolling to see what you can do with the freebie, see some great deals in Patty's shops, grab your freebie and see what other freebies you have missed.


I love scrapping Christmas and winter.  I don't have too many winter photos due to the lame landscape in East Flanders, but Christmas is no problem.  This kit from Over The Fence Designs has the sweetest elements in it.  Santa, the nutcracker, Rudolph and so much more.

Don't mind JJ's lack of enthusiasm with his gift.  Hehehe...Liam was suer excited to get the same gift in a different colour.  At least if his breaks, there's another.

Another way you can use our freebies is to simply insert a huge picture that you love and you could use a tiny, thin border or background if you like.  Now, these gifts were a sure hit for both boys!

This is your free frame thingy.  Hehehe...I want to call it a template because you can insert any paper or background you'd like for the basic shape, but it's just one shape in a frame form.  So, it's a temp-frame or a Frame-plet.  Hehehe...


Merry Christmas will on in a Falsh Sale for just $1.  I know, right?!  But, only on November 7th!  Along with two other lovely kit.  Those owls and that colour palette.  Just love it!  These amazing 6 kits will be just $1 on November 7th at the Digital Scrapbooking Studio.


PattyB also has a font challenge going on at Go Digital Scrapbooking where you get a lovely, free mini for playing along.  Click on either image to get there.



So, what have you missed from The Cherry On Top so far?

A free mini kit.

A free template.

A free frickie.

And a free frame cluster.

This template will be live on the blog Sunday.  Don't miss it!

All of our freebies are for  Personal Use Only.

Thanks so much for making The Cherry a part of your day!

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