Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Top 5 Desserts for Thanksgiving

Welcome to a special, foodie edition of The Cherry On Top.

Tomorrow is the big day.  Perhaps, you've got everything all ready planned and purchased.  If you don't you may want to check out our top 5 desserts that our readers love to see on the table. If we missed your favourite dessert, put it in the comments.


Pumpkin pie is my all time favourite and apparently, the fans think so as well.  I never use the canned stuff.  Pumpkins are fairly priced and they go a long way.  I get a huge one from my Father-In-Law every year.  I cut it up, freeze a couple of large and small bags for future soup, pie, bread and mashed with potato recipes and if I still have too much left over, I share it with neighbours.
If you are following this recipe or another similar to it, that asks for canned pumpkin, just use fresh.  All you have to do is cook it four a couple of minutes and grab your potato masher or a fork and mush it up.

 pumpkin pie

Pecan pie was a clear second place favourite.  I grew up in the south and have a lot of souther fans who have to have their pecan pie on the Thanksgiving table.  I can't get pecans here, in Belgium so we won't be seeing this on our table.

 pecan pie

Apple pie has so many different recipes.  My mother always makes her secret recipe which I obviously, can't share with you, but this one is a basic that's very easy to make.  Seriously, it's as easy as gathering your ingredients, chopping or slicing your apples, mixing all the ingredients together and putting in your pie crusted pan.  That's it!

The fresh pie crust version is by far the healthiest, but pie crust is a bit time consuming and not easy to get just right.  Do what fits best to your diet and time needs.

 apple pie

We had to include a kid favourite because a lot of kids out there are wanting something extra special and ambrosia salad certainly is that.  Serve it long before bed!  Hehehehe...

I just had to put in something I found recently and thought it was uniquely quirky and more than likely going to be a huge hit.  Check out this dessert recipe with maple syrup and...BACON!  Mmmm...

 dessert unique

We've got a lot of free printables to help with your table setting.  We've also got recipes galore from last year's special Thanksgiving edition and our Pinterest boards are totally hopping with more ideas than you can shake a drum stick at.

All of our images are linked up to the recipes and the blog entries where you can find them.

Print out this free place mat or use our free template and make your own custom design!


Lovely name card place holder freebie.  It coordinates with a utensil and napkin holder.


 Check out our free printable table helpers.


Have a super happy, delicious and fun Thanksgiving!  

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