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Free Summer Bucket List Printables From The Cherry On Top and Paty Greif Digital Designer

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We've got a real treat for you, today!  Paty Greif has a totally awesome, new collection available at Pickleberry Pop and you are just going to love it. She's got a ton of goodies in there to make scrap super easy and fast, too.  I scrapped and I scrapped and I scrapped some more.  Though, not only for fun summer beach photos, it sure is perfect for them.  Scroll through all of my inspiration, take a look at some great templates from Lissy Kay Designs, check out our fantastic, fun, free printables and get some links to keep those kids busy this summer.  Don't forget, a kid with something to do is usually a behaved one.  Arm yourself!  Hehehe...

 Waves Story Grid Templates

Check me out with another double layout.  I'm thrilled my husband took so many photos to our beach visit.  We don't go to the beach that much because it's usually windy and cold.   As you can tell from the colour of my son's lips, this time was also cold, but they couldn't resist.

How cool are these templates?  They are from Lissy Kay Designs and they are called Story Grid, Waves templates.  Check out the different ways I used them.  In the first layout, I used a different paper or cropped up journal card in each box.  While in the second one I used just one paper, the cloudy paper.

My word art was a snap because it's already included in Paty's kit.  I just add a couple of extra elements here and there for some more flair.  I also add extras to banners at times.  Using blue papers for the waves gives an even more liquid effect to the layouts as well as an excellent backdrop to my word art, because the papers are fairly plain, my word art stands out more.

 Waves Story Grid templates

Here, I've designed a template in a bit of Project Life style.  These are older pictures from Spain.  The pictures will let you know just how much fun the boys had there.  There was an enormous puddle after a down pour (I know, right!  The crap weather even followed us to Spain!  hehehe...) and the kids loved running through it full speed even though it was in the middle of the board walk.  The people did NOT get upset.  They loved watching these two little blond boys, laughing so hard while playing in the puddle.  It was absolutely heart warming to be around people like this.

I love creating a scene and I did exactly that in this layout.  Check out my hot chickie.  I added the flower to her hat and added a tiny lighthouse to give a sense of dimension.  Fun, eh?

I used the same paper for most of the square and decided to merge the four photo spots in the centre and use just one photo there, but you can use several different ones if you choose.  Does that mean?  Yes!  It means I'm also giving you a free template.  Scroll to the bottom to see more free printables and get the link for the template by clicking on the image.

Is this happy or is this happy?  I love this picture so much, despite it isn't very clear.  I created another scene across the bottom, added some more of Paty's fun word art and clustered up some sun since there is none in the photo.  Hehehe...

 Summer's Blush

And now, for the other part I've been dying to show you.  I've designed two different Summer Bucket Lists for you.  One is for younger kids and the other is for teens.  You may want to mix and mingle if you like, but definitely download both and print so you're equipped with ideas to keep all of the kids busy.

Another thing to keep in mind, is that the one for kids could also be considered Autism friendly.  I kept my children's Autism in mind when I created this list.  I also used the font Open Dyslexic.  It is a font geared towards people with dyslexia.  It allows an easier read due to the emphasis on the parts of letters that make them more difficult to read.  I use this font any time I print out stuff for my boys.  It encourages reading and makes it easier.  Click here if you'd like to get the FREE download for Open Dyslexic.

To make it even easier on you.  Every craft you find on both lists are in our "For The Kids" board on Pinterest.  Just go over there and go through our dozens of ideas.  If you don't like something here you may find a lot more there, that you do like.

You can either right click and download the printable of your choice or you can click here and get both in one link.

I've been using a new server for my links and I know some people are having difficulty with Chrome or Firefox.  One scrappy sister said she just kept trying and it finally worked.  Another changed her browser.  Please, let me know if you can't get the download after trying several times and I may consider a new method.

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Thank you so much for hanging with The Cherries!

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