Friday, June 17, 2016

Join Our New Facebook Group and Get This Free Template

Welcome to Freebie Friday at The Cherry On Top.

I Love You Beary Much, but you know that already, right?  Hehehe...That's Paty Greif, Digital Designer's collection.  Last week, I made a free teacher appreciation printable with it.  Scroll further to get that link so you can download.  Today, I'm showing off a free template using inspiration from this layout.  Find out how to get it and see what's in store for tomorrow.

 free template in the group

I've been in a group, Scrapbook Layouts, on Facebook for a few months now.  I love it there so much, I wanted to started a group similar to it, but offer games, fun, tips, tutorials, share links and give out more free, exclusive goodies for those who participate in the group.

I've found most groups are just page dump offs. Creative Team members post their layouts and leave again, like a sad one night stand.  Hehehe... I really don't like those kinds of groups.  You don't even know who is looking at your pages and there is not a lot of communication going on there.  I want The Cherry On Top group to be more of a community.  A place to laugh, share and oggle lovely crafty, creative projects. We've already played a couple of games and I offer challenges and prompts to get your creativity flowing and encourage others to share their work.

This template could even be used as a quick page!

 free template in the group

Become a member of the group and I'll send you, via message, a link for this free template.  If you're not on FB, leave a comment on this blog and if I get more than three comments, I'll post the link here.

I hope you decide to join us there.  The group is small for now and really, really sweet.

This is last weeks, free printable.

 free teacher appreciation printable from The Cherry On Top

Here is tomorrow's hybrid goodie.  I'll have this bottle tag where you can place a photo and I'll also have a generic version where no photo is needed.  See ya then!

Thanks for hanging with The Cherry!

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