Friday, September 16, 2016

Free Word Art from The Cherry On Top and LouCee Creations

 Welcome to Freebie Friday.

I've got templates, inspiration, a new collection, a freebie and dino's.  Keep reading, get inspired, grab the freebie and check out LouCee Creation's new collection, DinoRawr.

In the summer I purchased this plush dinosaur for my youngest.  He doesn't usually "do" stuff toys, but for some reason, he really took to this dino.  Totally worth the $2!  Hehehe...  He takes it absolutely everywhere and you rarely see him without his Dino Rock.

I have plenty of pictures due to this attachment and now Dino Rock is nearly as much a digital star as JJ.  Hehehe...

I'm crazy about kits where I can show off my boys in fun fashion and DinoRawr is perfect for that.  LouCee teamed up with my gal Paty Greif.  Paty sells Commercial Use goodies often in the form of these lovely doodle cartoons that you see here.  LouCee worked her magic giving them beautiful colour and she's brought them to life in this lovely collection.

This layout uses a digital template from Lissy Kay Designs, You and I Kit 2.  Lissy has awesome templates.  They make scrapping very fast.  Use them as a sketch, go literal or mix it up.

I wanted to show off LouCee's packaged clusters.  At the bottom of this layout you see a very nice, large cluster with two photo inserts.  These clusters make scrapping unbelievably fast.  I've got a tiny tutorial to demonstrate how you can scrap a lovely layout like this in under 10 minutes.

Start a blank page and plop in your cluster where you'd like it.

Duplicate your background layer and make matting or layers like you see here.  Then crop in your papers.

I always duplicate the background and fit it in photo spots like these.  It will save you from cropping and recropping, over and over until you the get perfect fit, saving you even more time.

There!  Three photo spots all ready for the nifty pictures.  Place you photo over the spot you want, create your clipping mask and adjust as needed.

Now, that is scrapping fast!  I repeated a few of the embellishments from the big cluster in my cluster at the top of the page.  Scroll up to see it.

I felt guilty with this layout.  Scrapped up in 7 minutes.  Yes, I know.  I'm a true nerd.  I often time how long it takes for my layouts.  Especially, when I want to prove how fast digital scrapbooking can be.  I'm using our free word art in this layout.

There's Dino Rock, again.  This time he's going Poke-Hunting!

Here is you freebie for today.  It's for Personal Use ONLY.

 free word art from The Cherry On Top

Thanks so much for stopping by The Cherry.  We'll see you tomorrow for hybrid Saturday.  We've got a lovely folding mini album that uses only one sheet of paper and it's put together in a flash.  It could be used for traditional scrapbooking as well.  There's a free template, too!

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I hope you have a super scrappy weekend!

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