Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Traditional Scrapbooking Tuesday With The Cherry On Top

Welcome to Traditional Scrap Tuesdays.

We are continuing with our mini travel album.  We're quite a few pages in and going strong.

Get a few tips and inspiration in today's entry and take a peek at a couple of other pages.

Be on the look out for some interesting boxes that you can use for our/your cards and tags that we will be starting in the upcoming months.  The holidays are coming and you need to be ready.  It's always better scrapbooking and paper crafting when there is a purpose.  Stay tuned for more!

Would you call this a simple page?  At first I thought it was really simple and it certainly did not take a lot of time to design, but I'm not sure I'd describe it as simple with all of those embellishments.  It certainly was easy so let's go with this easy, natural layout.  Hehehe...

I wanted to make a banner for today's layout.  I already had these cute stickers for it, in the pizza box.  I immediately went for string then thought, "Why not ribbon?"

This mini is coordinating very nicely.  Each page uses the same colour palette, papers and many of the same kind or style of embellishment.  It will give the finished project a very cohesive look, which I totally dig.

I'm wishing I would have added a few more layers of coloured background, but otherwise, it's ok.

Here are a few other pages.

This page will be on the other side of the first page posted.  I copied the button usage as well as these beaded swirls and white flowers.  The swirls were just one huge embellishment and I cut the pieces that fit the best out.
There were also some tiny porcelain roses in the mix, but I was not liking them with the beads so I ditched them, too.

Find out what aspects of scrapbooking you like most and focus on that.  You don't have to spend a fortune to have something beautiful.  You don't need to spend hours behind the desk either.  If time is a problem (and it usually is) keep your scrapping simple and don't put a lot on your plate.  Use collections so you don't have waste time rummaging through your stash. One layout or page at a time...

Thanks so much for checking out The Cherry.  We'll be back on Thursday and we are throwing it back, as usual.  We'll show you an older, free template you may have missed and we'll have Key Lime Digi Designs back in the spotlight, too.

Until then, happy scrapping!

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