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Halloween Decor Ideas With The Cherry On Top

 Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

I've got a special edition for you, today.  I'm just nuts about home decor and Halloween.  This year, I really wanted to push the bar of Halloween in my little village in Belgium, where Halloween is slowly catching on.  Check out what I did with my picture window, front yard and my costume all with a pirate theme.

I wanted good, day time pictures so you can see the detail.  I only spent $37 for everything this year, including candy.  Most of this stuff is just from the house and garage and my skeleton I bought last year.

Let's take a peep at some of my favourite details with this display.  I dressed my skeleton a touch.  I wanted to buy a cheap pirate custom and dress him, but thought the $30 was already enough.  Last year I spent three times as much on decor.  The hat I bought ages ago and the patch is my kid's he uses for ocular therapy, turned inside out.  Hehehe...  The chest comes from my living room, where I conceal the toys and keep down clutter.  I left it full and put the blanket over the mess. This way I didn't have to really fill it with candy coins and treasure.  I didn't have that much.

I love all of the candles in wine bottles and the large, stacked books.  I used tons of my 80's jewellery that haven't seen the light of day in ages.  The flag and that skeleton in the chest were new purchases.  The rope was from the garage.

Here's a look at my window. It's always my back up in case the weather is terrible, which it often is here.  Hehehe...Just more empty wine bottles with candles, bones, jack o'lanterns and some gold or brass decor items from my house.  The spider web was a neat touch and really fun to spread around.  I considered next year to just not dust my window for a few months and I'll be set! ;)

Here's my other display.  Some old wooden crates from the garage and burlap bags and more rope.  The only purchased goody was the chalk board sign.  More wine bottles with candles and empty beer bottles scattered about.  Another pumpkin for cohesion.  You'll see a lot of items from here also in the first display.  This makes it all go together so well.  I spread out the chocolate coins all over both displays, too.  The candles provided much needed light for at night and that fire pit was a huge feature.  It was really cold and so damp.  The visitors for our neighbourhood tour, loved standing around the fire to warm up and so did I.  It brought lovely ambiance with the candles and another great and unique feature was pirate music.  My hubby made a play list of pirate songs and pirate sounding songs.  Irish and Scottish folk music were great for this.

My costume was a breeze and all clothes that I wear, normally.  Except for the jewellery.  A long linen, white, flowing top/dress with layers underneath for warmth.  That's just a wool vest over the top and a mid season scarf tied around my waste.  I'm sure you recognise the bandana.  I have a ton of those in various colours.  I made a few simple braids and used elastics with beads already attached. I just wore black leggings and high black boots.  This look did not take long at all.

My husband surprised me by buying a costume!  He never dresses up. It isn't his thing and after a couple of glasses of wine, totally pirate like, he was an awesome pirate.  The kids loved him!  He made the coins come out of their ears and kept them coming back for more.

This is my niece and two boys.  They both have Autism and my youngest does not "do" costumes or make up, but he did throw last years costume over his clothes.  Hehehe...My oldest wanted to be a creeper.  We got this concept from Pinterest.  He worked all week on the panels.  They are just made from a tore up box and this pattern printed out and glued down.  I also found the pattern on Pinterest.  My husband did the engineering, which I think could use a lot of improvement.  In the advertisement I saw, they used elastics.  We had a huge time issue.  Hehehe...He was pleased enough and I thought the concept was pretty good.  I'm sure I would have done it differently.

Here's the night shot.  Cozy, eh?

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Thanks so much for checking us out this Halloween.

Happy haunting!

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