Tuesday, October 18, 2016

More Recycled Christmas Cards. Are You Keeping Up?

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

On Tuesday's we go all out traditional scrapbooking.  I'm back with another up cycled holiday card.  At least one a week, I'm going for and so should you, if you want home made cards for the holidays.  I'm looking for projects that I can actually use or give as gifts rather than sit on a shelf and collect dust.  Projects that keep the environment in mind, are fast and easy to get together as well as free or nearly free.  This way there are no excuses why we wouldn't get scrappy!

This is not an easy thing to do, but I'm showing off my terribly neglected scrap place.  Oh, My Goodness!  It has never been this bad.  I thought I might make you feel better about yours.  Hehehe...

Here's a quick tip on organisation.  As if?!  Looking above, you may think I have no system and rightly so.  I often collect small, rigid containers for my tinies.  Here is a mint tin.  I used a glue dot to adhere an example what's inside, on the lid.  This way I don't have to open it to see.  I more than not, use clear containers for this.

On to today's up cycle.  This card with the neat cut out lettering.

Cutting right down the middle and reusing that smaller "kerst" journaling.  I'm so terrible with journaling, script, stickers, alphas...Any excuse to get out of it and I've got it.  Hehehe...

Grab like colours that reflect in your images.  Try to get them as close to perfect.  Layers always make a project look polished.  

Cut around those letters...

Apply to another card that is plain or rigid or use some good card stock if you have it on hand.

Keep envelopes in mind if you need them.  I keep all of my plain envelopes that no one wrote on.  You can always design your own, custom envelopes to fit or not use them at all if possible.  Dangle them from your gift like a tag for something different or just tie a ribbon around them.

I layered up the inside script just like the cover and used some sticker letters that were also a bit quirky.

A recycled card made in under 20 minutes!

You could always add a tad more glitter if you like.

Take our challenge and try to get at least one home made card done a week.  Feel free to show off what you design in our Facebook Group or right here in the comments.  We'd love to see what you're up to.

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