Saturday, December 3, 2016

Free Printable Book Marker From Kreative Design Studio

Welcome To The Cherry On Top's Hybrid Saturday.

We're back with more hybrid fun and Paty Greif Digital Designer goodies from Santa's Little Helpers. This Christmas collection is an absolute most have.  Grab Paty's digital kit or get our fantastic printables in our new Etsy shop, Kreative Design Studio which is just a combination of mine and Paty's goodies.  Often she makes the collection and I turn them into the printables and all of the extras.  Like the one you see below.  I also have my templates and other scrapbooking goodies there.

Keep reading to get the link for the download, see what you missed yesterday and take a look at more goodies from our shop, Kreative Design Studio.

Santa's Little Helpers is such a cute, cute collection.  Those adorable, mischievous elves add life and fun to your projects and pages.  You can use the collection to design your very own printable treasures for your personal use or you can save a lot of time and get ours.  Hehehe...

I designed some word art titles and used one in the above layout.  Here they are, below.

This is a look at Paty's kit.

 Santa's Little Helpers

I scrapped up these circles with Paty's pretty papers from Hello, Winter another collection of Paty's, to make some stunning ornaments for the upcoming holidays.  Use them on your tree, to decorate or give them as gifts or on gifts.  There are so many things you can do with our printables.  Keep reading to see them in use.

You can craft a round ball like the one on the left or use a tiny glue dot and create the effect you see below.  The trees were really easy.  You only need a few to make pretty ornaments.  I've got a tutorial with step by step directions.  Click on the image to see it.  Grab our download, head over to the tutorial and get scrappy!

I wanted to tell you a little secret.  In every few of our products, I put a little treat.  Sometimes a freebie of various sorts or a coupon for your next purchase.  You'll find something free with this printable.

Here's another nifty printable you can find in our shop.  These adorable ties to decorate your wine or other bottled gifts.  Beer, soda...whatever you have in mind.  Download our 2 printable sheets, print to your desired size, cut them out...

I didn't have a large enough circle punch, but I did use the one I had and then took my fussy scissors and cut it all of the way out.

Take a look!  Not bad at all.

You could also make little cuts all around the circle like shown below for more give.

You could ditch the square with the hole entirely and punch two holes at the top of your tie and string through some ribbon, twin or light weight wire to hang your ties.

I think these ties dress up the bottles so nicely and they add a personal touch, too.

Take a visit in our shop and see what we have for you.  We are keeping our prices very low as an introductory special.  Grab them while they are this inexpensive.

HERE is the link for the free book mark.  Laminate it for extra rigidity and enjoy.

This is what you missed yesterday.  A lovely, free pocket scrapbooking quick page.  check it out and learn more about the awesomeness of pocket scrapbooking and Owl Always Be There.

 Free quick page from The Cherry On Top

All of our freebies and printables are for Personal Use ONLY.

Thanks so much for joining us!  If you are on the hunt for even more freebies, than join our group, page and or Pinterest.  We show off free stuff nearly every single day.

Have a super scrappy weekend!

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