Saturday, December 17, 2016

Free Printable Princess Bunting From The Cherry On Top

Welcome to Hybrid Saturday with The Cherry On Top.

I wanted this so bad for last week, but it ended up being much more difficult than I thought.  Hehehe...Then we were left with nothing.  My apologies, but we are back with the bunting and I'm pretty sure you're going to love it.

Keep reading to see our free, Pretty As A Princess bunting and much more.

Yes, I totally cheated with displaying my bunting.  I could never make it look THIS GOOD!  Hehehe...My boys were cringing as it was with all of this glorious pink and purple and princesses everywhere.  (I used Paty Greif's Spring Party kit.  Doesn't it match just perfect?!)

If you got our Princess toppers from the shop, then you can see all of the different things you can do with them, here.  Above  you'll see a few ways to make party favours.  The easiest is attaching the crown, flag or princess to a paper clip.  I'd laminate it for rigidity, but printing it on good card stock could do the trick, too.

Grab some coordinating papers, cut out your favourite princess and layer them up to make a book maker like the one you see.  You could just buy ours for just .99 cents and save even more time!

 Book Marker party favours

If you are fussy cutting like I did, here are a few tips:

*  move your paper and not your scissors
*  use small, sharp scissors
*  if you're cutting long straight lines, focus on where you want to cut, not where you are cutting presently

I had all of these lovely goodies displayed and ready to take pictures when my battery died.  BUAH!  By the time it was charged up, the lighting was really weird. Hence, the orangish glow.  Man!  Check out all of the different ways you can use the toppers.

Bookmarkers, on straws, on a large skewer as a puppet, on the paper clip (it would look even more fancy glue dotted to a flower and then the clip), tooth picks for in cup cakes or other treats, cut directly on the lines, leave a tiny edge of white to look like a sticker (my favourite) or if you are really in a hurry, just cut a square around the object, like I did for the crown, top left.  Not bad, right?

These are the toppers you can purchase in our new shop, Kreative Design Studio.  They are just .79 cents.  I'm getting a bit of flack for my low prices, but I just want everyone to be able to use Cherry goodies.  I realise that folks might think the quality is low in relation to the price, but if you know us, we care greatly about quality and save our products at 300 dpi.  That's the best!

If you're not sure, visit some other entries, download a free printable, print on your best quality setting and paper with a slight gloss or sticker paper and you'll see we are about quality.

 free Princess bunting from The Cherry On Top

This is no longer free.  It's now available in the shop.  

Take a peep at some other hybrids you may have missed:

The link is still live for this super cute, free book marker.  Get it while you can or if you like get the entire sheet of book markers in our shop.  You can use them as borders for your paper projects, too.

 free book marker

I just LOVE our December freebies.  Yes, that means there are ELEVEN more FREE sheets throughout the blog.  Use our search box at the top, right on the blog and type in "planner".

 free, printable December goodies

That's it for today's hybrid.  Sorry about missing out last weekend.

I hope you browse through our new shop and "favourite" it so you don't miss out when we put new things in.  Of course, following us here, on Pinterest and Facebook will ensure you continuous updates and a LOT of free stuff, too.

Thanks so much for checking out The Cherry!

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