Sunday, May 7, 2017

InterNational Scrapbooking Day Round Up of Mind Boggling Freebies

Welcome to the last day of interNational Scrapbooking Weekend with The Cherry On Top.

As the title promises, we've had epic freebies and promotions since Friday and we are still hot at it.  We've showed off dozens of freebies and unbelievable promotions from around DigiLand.  You are going to have a heck of a time organising all of the goodies you've downloaded so far.  Especially, if you are following our group and page on Facebook.

Today, I've got Kim Cameron Designs and LouCee Creations in the spot light along with some of our own goodies both free and in the shop.  As always, I've got some super inspiration to help you get your gorgeous pages started and finished.

Put up your feet, sit back and enjoy the show!

I'm one of those Energizer Bunny type of people.  I often resemble that adorable little goat jumping up and down and all around and occassionally knocking over a fellow goat.  Hehehe...I'm also a bit of a squealer.  Ya know, EEK!  Hehehe...

This collection from LouCee has me squealing with delight.  What fabulous colours!  A few shades of pink and playful hues of blue.  I'm in love!  I recently found this photo I have not scrapped.  I don't have too many pictures that have not been scrapped.  Lou's kit title sums up my youngest just perfectly, Taking It Easy.  He's got mad chill skills!  Hehehe...And he does not like to wear pants.  He must get that from his father!  Hehehe...

I used my newest templates, Cluster Queen.  These templates are all about the mega cluster.  If you're not a pro at clusters, then templates will be a super resource for you.  You'll get an idea about balance, size and shadowing by using templates often.

 Cluster Queen Templates

These templates were FREE with any purchase in our shop, Kreative Design Studio. Now, you can purchase them in the shop.

Here are some more layouts The Cherries have scrapped up with Cluster Queen Templates.

 Cluster Queen Templates

Dana from Made By Keuntje used Throwing Some Scraps Arounds kit, Down In A Hollow.

 Cluster Queen Templates

Magalie scrapped her little cutie using an unreleased kit.  I've got it in my stash, too.  So you'll be seeing it very soon.  It is just stunning!

 cluster Queen Templates

Theresa is on LouCee's team with me and she also used Taking It Easy.  This time you can see that great kitty!

Have you done our blog roll for Love For Layout Templates?  If so, you may have Dana's free template already in your stash.  It's what I used for this page of my sleepy little guy.  This, I believe, is the ONLY time I've seen him sleepy.  He's like me, full of energy and ready to go.

I hope pink and boys does not make you cringe?  I've got their permission that it's ok, but just not too much pink.  They are cool with flowers, too.  Thank goodness!  Hehehe...

I changed up the template just a touch.  I usually do.  That's one of the very cool thing about digital templates.  They are very flexible and can be changed for your needs.

 Freebie from LouCee Creation

The doll that Lou is, allowed me to use goodies from her brand spanking new collection to make you a freebie.  Isn't that just ducky?!  I've also showed ya a couple of packs from the collection.   Look closely at the elements.  There are two adorable kitties in there!  I tried using them a few times, but they just didn't go with my page.  I'm sure I'll get around to using them soon.

I'll be keeping the links for my sponsored freebies available for a while.  However, the templates are already in the shop!  If ya don't want to miss out on free templates, keep your eyes right here, on this blog or our Facebook spots.  I've got two other freebies from earlier this week.  They are further at the bottom for you to grab.

I just love Kim Cameron!  There!  I said it!  Hehehe...  I bet you do, too.  Her kits are always full of fun.  That gnome!  That's me in my floppy hat with some German mountains in the background.  The boys are enjoying a rare Mountain Dew whilst I'm sipping on my favourite, white Mosel wine.

I've scrapped up some photos around the garden here.  Including, some flowers from our fruit trees.  It was such a treat.  Arriving whilst everything was in bloom.  So many vibrant, fabulous colours. Just like Green Thumbs.

 Green Thumbs Freebie from Kim Cameron

 All American BBQ and Tumble Weed Templates

I'm showing off some more goodies from Kim in the form of both templates and kits.  Tumble Weed Templates are a great set.  I used them and All American BBQ to scrap my hubs with his new smoker.  He's over the moon with it and I love it because that means less cooking for me and that is a major score.

Don'cha just love those condiments and food elements?  Totally!

 Banana Split and Tumble Weed Templates

I went a bit crazy with one of the Tumble Weed Templates.  I ditched everything except the wheel.  I merged the pieces of the wheel, then inserted my pictures.  I started another blank page and moved my three wheels on to the new page and then added all of the rest you see, here.

Banana Split will have you craving to scrap those photos of cool treats.  Don't forget the cherry!  Hehehe...

 Tumble Weed Templates

Kim is also putting commercial use templates in her shop.  Yay!  I used several of them in my Cluster Queen templates.  They are perfect for designing templates and for your pages for personal use, too.

 Commercial Use Templates

If you are all about the free stuff, keep reading...

 Kreative Design Studio

We've got this promotion going on at Kreative Design Studio.  Favourite our shop then go through and heart your favourite goodies.  I'll choose one person's favourite item and give it as a gift in June.  So, there is plenty of time.

Favourite our shop, like your favourite items and don't forget, when you purchase anything from the shop, you'll get the Cluster Queen templates with purchase between May5th and 7th.

Here are a couple of things from our shop:

 Dazzling Diamond Templates

Great for any photos or pages you have in mind.

 Dog Daze Templates

Super for your furry friends or not.

 Friendly Frames Templates

Some essential basics that will make scrapbooking so much faster.

 Love YourSelfie Templates

Our top, favourite templates.

 Stay Magical Templates 1,2

Mega fun templates needed for your stash!

 Stay Magical Templates 3,4

You definitely could use a bit of magic on your pages, right?

 Shabby Chic Templates

More versatile templates with a touch of class and grace.

 The PuurFect Kit

A kit to show off your puur-fect pets. (This kit isn't even $2 with the sale!)

Now, on to all of the freebies you may have missed from Friday and Saturday.  The links will go live Sunday evening for ALL of the freebies.  Then I'll take them down on Monday.  Each image is linked up for you.

This is no longer free. Make sure you sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date and so you don't miss any free stuff.

 Freebie from MagsGraphics
 Freebie from Key Lime Digi Design
 Freebie from Aimee Harrison Designs
 Freebie From Throwing Some Scraps Around
 Freebie from Made By Keuntje

I gave away two templates from this pack.
They are no longer free, but you can find them in the shop.

 Beautiful Basics Templates

Here are two more, FREE templates from previous blogs, just in case you missed them.  They are blogged up with two blog trains, full of fantastic free stuff.


Shoo!  That was a doozy.  I bet you've had a fantastic iNSD experience with The Cherry On Top.

Thanks so, so much for visiting our nifty, little scrap spot.  If you are totally into traditional scrap, I've got that on our Tuesday spot.  Check out our latest traditional scrapbooking entry, here.  I finished my last mini page!

The best way to keep up with all of The Cherry action is to join our super nifty group on Facebook.  You can show off all of your beautiful pages, ask questions, ooh and aah along with us and trust me, we always have a laugh and a smile.

Happy scrapping!!!