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Photo Reel Template Mini Scrapbooking Album Tutorial

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I'm back again with more inspiration using our Photo Reel Templates.  Our pages using photo reels are always so popular and I can totally see why.  What a unique way to show off a lot of photos or not.  See all of the different ways you can use these awesome, versatile templates.

For this particular mini album, I don't want the centre hole.  I thought I'd show you how you can change that in just a few steps.  Of course, if you are doing this all traditionally, then ya won't need this part.

Open the template you like, duplicate one of the layers...

Clear the layer style so you get rid of the outline and shadows...

Then merge those two layers together so later you can clip in your papers.

You might want to bring back your stroke so you still can see the spot for the centre photo.

With this template, I just moved over my extra spot from the template.  (It's there for traditional scrappers.)

Got rid of the outline/stroke...

Centered it over the hole...

Merged the layers...

If you want a circle in the centre on a template that doesn't provide it, no worries.  Just click on a circle layer and duplicate it...

Size it to what you want and add a stroke so you can see it.

Choose whether you want the circle over the top or the bottom of your squares.

The rest is just a matter of clipping in your favourite photos, papers and perhaps, if you choose, embellishments.  This project goes so much faster when you do it digitally.

photo reel templates
 How's that for size?!  My templates are 6 inches.  That's me and the boys about 7 years ago.
photo reel templates
I took a ton of pictures on one of our trips to Landal park.  It's a chain of parks around Europe and they are really great.  A lot cheaper than the "other" chain of parks.  This is my youngest.  Both of my boys are crazy about animals and at this park, they had an awesome petting zoo with all kinds of animals that you can walk around with pet and feed.  Can JJ not do THE BEST goat impression, or what?!  Hehehe...

photo reel templates
I think I'm going to make this the cover.  Sometimes I kept the outline and sometimes I ditched.  It depends on whether the photos pop enough.  Above, the photos are a bit dark, so I left it.  I found just the right spot for a little cluster where I could show off some elements and get a touch of word art in there.  This fabulous kit is from Heartstrings Scrap Art.  it's called Fly Me To The Moon and you can find it here.

photo reel templates
I did show off how to use these templates traditionally.  If you'd like to see that tutorial and my pages with these photo reel templates, click here.  Above, I left off the outline.  These photos look just great on this yellow background.  I think that contrasting blue JJ is wearing, is the reason.  I know my huge photo is not very clear, but I don't have a lot of photos of JJ with such a big, gorgeous smile.  It is rare.  JJ, like my other son has autism and often does not wear expression.  Unless, he is mimicking goats.  Hehehe...

Photo reel templates
Just look at all of those photos!  Sometimes I cropped one face from a photo even though there a few in the picture.  This way you can fill in some squares if you running short.  Ha!  I didn't have a lot of room for embellishments on my reels.  Putting these tiny ones around the res were not too distracting because they are all of the same.  If they were different, my page would look too busy.
photo reel templates

This is an example of another template from the pack.  The squares are a touch larger and you don't need as many.  Seriously, if you are doing this traditionally, what more do you need than circles to trace or punch or a corner rounder?!  Scrapbooking doesn't mean you have to all of the latest and greatest goodies.  Imagination is really what you need!


Photo Reel Templates

Here are my digital templates.  They come in other formats so you can just print the out and use them traditionally as well.  This project really is so much easier and faster to do digitally.  That's why it's so great to do both digital and traditional scrapbooking!  Don't choose.  Do it ALL.  Hehehe...

photo reel templates
And yet another way to use the templates even more simply.  Hehehe...

Download our templates and start your mini album, today!

I'll be back with more on this project and the finishing touches, soon.

Thanks so much for hanging with The Cherries!

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