Monday, October 23, 2017

Simple Scrapbooking Pages Album Continued

Welcome To The Cherry On Top.

I surly hope you all are not nearly as bad as I am when it comes to finishing up projects.  I'm sitting on quite a few unfinished projects, but slowly, they are getting wrapped up.  Like this one.  All I need to do is the cover and inside cover page and it's finally finished.

I've got several other entries for this project.  Click here to see more step by steps for these pages.

I'm using Barista from Basic Grey for most of the album.  The chipboard album is from Maya Road and I can say this about this particular chipboard book, it's awesome.  One main reason I do not use liquid glue is because it wrinkles your paper, which isn't a big deal because you can flatten it once it dries, but with this book, wrinkling is not an issue.  I love that! has SO many albums to choose from.  I dare you stop at just one!  Hehehe...

Let me explain a few things about the image, above.  It's matted in a coordinating paper to match with the rest of the pages in the album.  All from Barista from Basic Grey and a bit of my own scraps.  I printed my photos of this album on semi gloss paper and the result of the photos was meh.  When you cut the pics, you get imperfections.  There are a few things you can do about that, though.

One is to stress out the pic, like I did above with a nail file.  You could ink around the photo to cover the white part so it looks totally intentional or you could cut out a fine border frame to set over your picture or image.

I distressed the outline of my paper above the pic as well to make it all match.

My next step was to make a flip page by matting my photo and scoring across the top.  I score with my Fiskars cutting machine.  Switch out the orange blade with the black scorer.  You can also easily score with a ruler and a small, blunt object like the rounded edge of a paper clip, a coin...

Scoring about 1/4 inch from the top of my mat.

The next step is adding your adhesive.  What kind will you use?  I want to use double sided tape so that I don't have to wait for it to dry and I find this kind of adhesive perfect for this task.  Check out the different sizes of double sided tape there are.  There's larger and smaller still.  Choose the size that works best.

The adhesive has been applied to the back side of my page I want to flip.

Something very cool with this paper from Basic Grey was that typically useless piece at the bottom of a 12x12, they gave us some tabs.  Sweet!  of course, I used them.  See them at the bottom of my photo?  I distressed them as well.

There is my finished page to flip, of my lovely hubs with our favourite glass of wine at a nice restaurant in Mehring, Germany.  I layered a fun sticker embellishment from the collection on black paper to give the embellishment more interest and have it stand out a bit from the photo.

A very clean and simple page...

I could have left the inside as it was, but I chose to add just a few layered embellishments.  The chevron sticker was from the collection, but could easily be done yourself.

I triple layered one of my FREE wordies for extra pop and contrast.  A really simple thing to do with scraps and it looks fab.

Taking a break from our regularly scheduled program...hehehe...

I'd like to share this idea with you.  To easily take pictures of your projects, consider this.  Use a clean pizza box and leave in the box, several different colours of card stock.  Change them out to fit your project.  This worked like magic.  Can't believe it took me this long to figure it out.  Excuse how dark it is.  It was very stormy that day.  Hehehe...

Here's another page from my book.

Pretty simple, right?  Not too time consuming either.

This is the book missing it's cover.  That'll be for next time.  I still have to plan it all out and see if I have more pictures.  See the pull out photo?  It's a nifty trick to get more pics on your page besides flip pages, like today.

Make sure ya check out and Cricut to make totally awesome pages easily and quickly.  They have top quality products and customer service.  Make them a part of your scrapbooking repertoire.

Did ya see my finished hybrid challenge on Saturday's blog?  Nifty result!

Thanks so much for checking out The Cherry and happy crafting!