Friday, February 23, 2018

My Muse Scrapbooking Collection, Bringing Back the 80's With Flair and Free Stuff

Welcome to Freebie Friday with The Cherry On Top.

Made By Keuntje and I have teamed up again for another spectacular scrapbooking collection, My Muse.  It started off with those templates you see in the middle, there.  I used Dana's kick'n colour palette and her funky flowers as well as LouCee Creations totally rock'n cool chick templates and someone suggested we design a kit to match.  Well, let me tell ya.  It kept growing and growing... Hehehe... There are nearly 40 papers and over 80 elements!  We also have a pack of over 20 word bits with sayings that you may have used once or twice 20 years ago and a pack of really cool journal cards.

Keep reading to see what I and our teams have designed with the collection. Throwing Some Scraps Around also has some new templates you can check out and grab those freebies!

My Muse Scrapbooking Collection

The first five pages are mine.  I'll try to keep the blah, blah, blah to a minimum or it'll take awhile to get through it all.  Hehehe...I often recommend getting a nice warm drink whilst perusing the blog.  Especially, Freebie Friday.

So, there I am with my altered bridesmaid dress in 1990! Oh! I just noticed a serious watch tan.  I'm showing off the everyday side of our collection.  We got 25 embellishments in the pack specifically showing off 80's goodies and the other 50+ can be used for absolutely anything.

Did you also live by hair spray and a pick?  Hehehe...

The journal cards are so fabulously versatile.  I used them for a Project Life style page.  We've got several Project Life style templates in the shop if you are in need of them or for inspiration.

My Muse Scrapbooking Collection

Huge earrings, monstrous plastic hair clips, swatches and jelly bands and shoes.  Remember?!

This page shows off some of the many artistic style elements in the collection.  We've got quite a bit of scatter, splatter, stamps, stitching, doodles and artistic style papers, too.

Showing off a few of my pages with the kit and my templates.

Our templates are darn gnarly, would you not say?  Ha!  I clipped in a few super papers and added a few more ellies around the edges and the banner.  Added a date and BAM!  Finished!  Can't forget the epic photo of me and my bro with his fabulous hair doo and Coca Cola shirt.  That was my convertible.  Of course, these templates can be used as quick pages.  Just place in your photos and you're all scrapped up!

My Muse Scrapbooking Collection

Now, on to our talented team's designs.  We got so many fabulous pages from our ladies.  Dana and I were beaming with joy and pride.

My Muse Templates (found in Dana's shop)

My Muse Templates (found in Dana's shop)

Hilary used my Siggies and Titles templates we released last week for her awesome title.  Pretty fantastic!

My Muse Scrapbooking Templates

My Muse Scrapbooking Templates

Hilary did a really cool page with bright on black and one heck of a cool photo effect!

Our templates were very popular with the ladies!

Karrie used the template really creatively.

My Muse Scrapbooking Templates

This particular template was very popular.  What will you do with it?

My Muse Scrapbooking Templates

My Muse Scrapbooking Templates

Give contrast to ellies and papers with strokes.  Rachelle gave one of records a white outline to give it contrast to the basically black lettering.   Ruth did the same, above.

My Muse Scrapbooking Templates

See!  More outlines.

My Muse Scrapbooking Templates

My Muse Scrapbooking Templates

 My Muse Journal Cards and Word Bits


You can purchase the entire bundle in Dana's shop for $7.  You can also purchase the packs separately there, along with the templates for just $3.  The templates are not in Kreative Design Studio.  In The Cherry's shop at Kreative Design Studio. You can purchase separate packs of papers, ellies and a combination of the word bits and journal cardsI also have the word bits and journal cards in printable versions for you.  I totally will be printing and playing and showing off our projects on the Tuesday blog.

Made By Keuntje and I have freebies for you.  Blogger was being wonky and I wasn't able to link up the images, but you can click on the high lighted wording to get the links.
 my muse freebie

 My Muse Freebie #2

Get out your throw back photos and get scrapping!  Of course the colours and assets are gender and age neutral so you really could scrap anything with this fun collection.

Here's my page using Throwing Some Scraps Around's new templates, Enchanted. I couldn't wait to scrap these pics of my boys.  I also used Jodi's kit, Gotta Be Me.  Isn't it great?!  More gender friendly colours and great for anything.

 Enchanted Templates

 Enchanted Templates

This was another page I did with Gotta Be Me.  It's so diverse and versatile.  I just love it.  I did design a coordinating freebie with it.  Find it here.

 Gotta Be Me

 Gotta Be Me Freebie

The month is winding down.  That means it's time to get in those challenge in my group and Kim Cameron's group, too.  I've got two more fun challenges ready for next week.  Don't miss out!

Thanks so, so much for checking out The Cherry.  I hope we've put a smile on your face, a giggle in your belly and some ideas in your brain. Hehehe...

Happy scrapping!

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