Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Simple Scrapbooking Mini is Finally Finished

Welcome to The Cherry On Top's, Traditional Tuesdays.

We go totally traditional on Tuesdays at The Cherry.  This week, I've FINALLY finished my simple, mini scrapbooking album using the Barista collection.  I've got all of the pages on one blog for you.  I've got several blogs with step by step processes for individual pages.  They are filled with all kinds of tips and tricks for you to follow so you too can learn to scrap quickly, efficiently and inexpensively yet beautifully.

Don't be put off by these over the top, clustered conglomerations of scrappy bliss.  For me, personally, it is not at all realistic.  I don't mean it isn't gorgeous, it's just not practical for me and my projects.  They look great on a wall or canvas, but would never fit in a traditional book. I also do not have the kind of cash-o-la to make pages like that and not sure I'd want to take that kind of time to scrap something like that.

This book is a totally doable, inexpensive, simple yet nice book of a fun vacation with my hubs.  Even he liked looking through it.  It is really fun taking the old books out of the cabinet and paging through them.  That is ultimately why I scrap, but I enjoy the process so much as well.  Living all of these fun times over and over.  It's very comforting and heart warming.

 title step by step

For years, I've not been scrapping too many 12x12's.  They are are clumsy to handle and require tons of pics and a lot of product, too.  Scrapping on a smaller scale will save you time and money and you might actually finish an entire book, too.

No worries if it doesn't get done in a timely manner.  This book took me well over a year.  Big deal!  If time were always an issue, it might not be nearly as fun.

I wrote out a step by step for my cover.  You can check it out here.

Here are the rest of my pages, all in one nice place.  Many of the pages have step by step process photos where you can learn just how easy it is to scrap.

My first page was the last page I scrapped.  Hehehe...Just me and the hubs in our awesome camping spot on the Mosel River in Germany.  That bottom photo was our view from the camper!  Man!

The city pictures are from Trier.

What a fancy breakfast and there is that awesome view!  What a cute, little camper!  Here is the step by step for the page on the left.

More pics from Trier.  See how all of the pages colour coordinate and I've even used many of the same embellishments throughout the book for cohesion.  You don't have to do that, but it makes scrapping fun, quick and easy when you use a collection.  Here is the step by step for the left page.

A bit of glitter here and there for some added glam on very simple pages. This is the link for the page on the left's step by step.

This last page is a flip photo so I could use even more photos on my small pages.

Last week I started a year long project that I'd love for you to join us in.  We are making an album together!  52 Reasons Why I Love You.  I'm providing you with free, weekly goodies so that by next Valentine's Day, our album should be finished.  Fingers crossed.  Follow along with us and scrap up a really fun mini album for the loved ones in your life.  I'm doing mine for my family. I'll try my best to have the templates and downloadable printable goodies ready for you on our Tuesday spot. Click on this image below, to get #2 reason which will be two cards.  One with the sentiment and the other a place to put a photo or journaling or both.

 free download #2

You can always hang in our scrap-a-licious group on Facebook, ask questions and catch up on the free downloads if you need.  Someone always knows what's going on,  if I'm not available.

I sure hope you join us in our awesome year long, challenge!!!

Thanks for stopping by The Cherry.  We'll see ya next week.