Saturday, May 4, 2019

Happy International Scrapbooking Day Celebrate With a Fun New Technique and Freebies!

Welcome to our second blog celebrating iNSD!

Yesterday we showed off our newest goodies as well as new goodies from other digital designers.  We also shared a lovely, free quick page for you using our newest collection, Optimism.  If you missed that, head on back there and check it out.  There are pages and pages to inspire you.

Months ago...I started a perfect page project.  Essentially, I took a digital page, ripped the page into individual pngs, put those pngs on a page(s), printed the pages and cut them out.  If I had a cutting machine, I certainly would have used it for the project.

My digital page provided the perfect example as well.

One of the most important things to remember if you are going to use this technique, is to make sure your elements or embellishments you are using on your page, will go through your cutters nicely or if you're a fussy cutter like me, use elements that will cut easier.

I had a few decisions to make at this point.  I could have easily just placed this colored drop on the black background for the black outline, but I preferred the black out line around the gems rather than the white. You could color in the white, but it might take longer than cutting!

My mother recently sent me this glue stick.  I typically use the "scrapbooking" glue pen from Elmers, but she sent me this one.  She knows I like that tiny tip.  This glue was very different.  It wasn't very forgiving. Meaning I had to be very careful to get my gems just right, but it didn't leave my paper so wet and bubbly which I thought was awesome and it did dry clear.

So I slowly started cutting out the gems and placing them on the black background.  You might want to place a few first, then glue them down.  It really was easy.  Plenty of room for mistakes.

Don't worry at all about that bit of white that shows up.  I'll show ya what to do with that.

All finished and it didn't take too, long.  When you've got all of the gems placed where ya want, grab a black marker and simply dot over the white spots and around the edge if you lost some ink by cutting, like I did.  I'd have loved if I used a more rigid paper when I printed.  Consider doing the same for yourself if you attempt a project like this, too.  That bit of unevenness in the center will be covered up with our picture, later.

We will be sure to bring you the page when it is finished.  Why not give it a try yourself?  I live in the black hole of scrapbooking that is Belgium.  Products are not at all easy to find.  I have to drive over an hour to get to a hobby store that has some scrapbooking products in it and shipping typically costs more than my products I order so I rarely ship.  Leaving digital kits, that I either create myself or print out are an only good option for me.

Here's a really fun post with a lot of links to other tutorials.  I'm showing you how to turn a digital page into a traditional one using cuttables or rather turning png images from a digital template and or kit and cutting them out and using them traditionally.


From this digital page....


To this traditional one.  Full tutorials are provided.

Here is a link to our most popular project to date, our paper dress.  It has been featured internationally in a French scrapbooking magazine.  You will also find a tutorial and link to the template.

 Paper Dress

If you are a fan of cuttables, we've got more new ones in the shop.  Add interest to your scrapbooking backgrounds with these fun frames and geometric shapes.



I've also put a huge collection of quotes in reference to Autism that might interest you.

 Autism Cuttables

Here's a look at one of my favorite printables kits I've got in the shop, My Muse.

 My Muse Printable Scrapbooking kit

Go to this blog to see how to use our or any printable kit.  Here's a tiny sample and there are several more examples if you follow the link.

If printables are your thing.  This blog has a lot of free ones.  Use the search box and see what appeals to you.  My excuses for the blogs where Blogger has deleted the photos.  I've contacted them, but they've obviously not remedied this problem.

I've just added a special deal to the shop.  Spend $15 and save $5 with coupon code NSD2019.

Here's a year long project we did last year.  52 Reasons Why I Love You.  The links are STILL live so you can do the project and all of the cards are FREE!

If this is something that could be useful in your house, you can also get it free.  Click on the image to find out more.

 free Pokemon door hanger

Here are some more free ones from my gal Jodi from Throwing Some Scraps Around.



Check out how I update my cheap journal for around $2!

Nothing like a touch of bling and elegance!

We'll be back with more traditional and hybrid scraps.  Keep your eyes out!  Joining our newsletter and or group will help you keep track of all our events, new items, tutorials...we only visit your inbox once a week.

Thanks so much for checking out The Cherry.  Happy scrapping!