Friday, February 21, 2020

Fantasia Digital Scrapbooking Templates are Fantastic! Unicorns! Llamas! Cats! Dogs!

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We've got some totally kicking new templates that will stretch your imagination and give you truly unique digital scrapbooking pages.  Come along for a fun, fun ride of page inspiration, tips, tricks, ideas and a few freebies.

Art is certainly a huge help in my template and scrapbook designs.  I'm sure many of you are totally inspired by works of art.  Today's new templates were definitely hugely impacted by a poster I saw and this collection from the Sweet Shoppe made this particular template come out just as planned.

 Fantasia Templates
Fantasia Templates and goodies from the Sweet Shoppe

I've given a lot of options in these templates.  Let me show you just how crazy versatile they are as we go through our pages.

We'll start with kitty, here.  Isn't my cat a nut?!  He always acts crazy for the camera.  I've owned many cats, but none like this one.  I'm pretty sure he thinks he's a dog.  I'll show you some features for this particular template.

If you get out your magnifying'll see in my layers that not only does the cat come in several different layers, but that background does, too.  The outline is not only separate, but it has a slight glow to it.  You can totally ditch that, though or even change the color of the glow!  I like providing you with those swirls you see as an element because sometimes designers don't give us that one finer, whimsical typeof element that's needed to perfect our pages.

 Fantasia Templates

It all started with a cat and I wanted to stick with the animal theme.  I love animals and I know our adoring fans do, too.  I could never create a cat template without a similar dog one.  The fans just won't have it!  It only took a few seconds to figure out what other animals needed to be in this...fantastical set of templates.  Llamas are rather spectacular and what beats a unicorn?!  Magical,'s all in these templates.  Now, let's get them on your pages!

 Fantasia Templates

I encourage you to take these templates to an entirely different level.  Go nuts!  Do stuff you'd normally not even try and see what ya get.  Above, I used an awesome grass paper and bleached it white and used it to give my doggo a little fur texture.  I used inside shadows on the mouth and brought that tongue way out with some dramatic shadows.  I liked the idea of muddy paws so I used that mud frame from the collection and simply clipped it over Dana's paw print also in the collection, for the muddy paw prints you see.  I took some paint splatter from another template and again, clipped in the mud frame for the little bit os mud splatter showed.  A bit of puffy styles on the dog, nose and sunglasses to make that particular image really pop off of the page.  The little paper tear scatter was a great idea.  It's also in the collection and I topped it off with an edge I made from the pain in the collection.  Such cute elements, too!

Again, I've got doggo layered up for you.  I've given a few different spray paint layers for you to customize and give a translucent appeal or you can ditch those and go for the solid layer and be done with it.  I've left a lot of doggo unmerged for more flexibility.  The background on this one is only a suggestion.

The unicorn template is pretty much, what you see is what you get.

 Fantasia Templates

 Fantasia Templates

The lama is very similar to the dog.  I've provided a solid background for the llama and one translucent one that gives your llama a textural feel.  This background is a suggestion meaning it is not layered.  There are a few layers that are invisible meaning they are alternative options.  Just click on the eye icon so you can see them on your template.

If ya think these might be way too different and not traditional enough.  Well, let me show you these pages.  They have a much more traditional feel and they are still knock outs.

 Fantasia Templates

 Fantasia Templates
Fantasia Templates and kit from Pat Scrap

 Fantasia Templates

 Fantasia Templates

 Fantasia Templates

 Ruff Life

 Fantasia Templates

Above and below are pages using Aimee Harrison's newest collection, Somewhere in Time.  Below I used my Toujours templates.  More pics from around my village in Germany.

Last week Aimee also released Carnival.  Here's my page.  It's what ya do when you fall in love with a paper, right?!

Aimee provides so many artistic elements in her collections that you can totally go artistic.


These are our templates from last week.

 Simply Sweet Templates

And a few new pages with them...

 Simply Sweet Templates

 Simply Sweet Templates

 Simply Sweet Templates

Here's a page I found that The Cherry was tagged in using our free template.  Go make it yours and tag us!

 Free Template

My gal Ruth has scrapped up a page using our For Kicks templates and our free collection, Yearbook Winter.

To learn how to get this for free, visit our group by clicking the image or the link below it.

Here are a few more freebies from around the web and don't forget, our blog is full of free stuff.  Scroll back and see what you can find.  I leave my links up for a really long time!

 freebie from Creative Fabrica
Check out this cute freebie!


We'll be back again, tomorrow for more new releases from the Sweet Shoppe, hybrid love and yip more free stuff.

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