Saturday, February 8, 2020

Sweet New Scrapbooking Page Inspiration, Free Valentine's Printables and a Tutorial for Hybrid Saturday with The Cherry On Top

Welcome to The Cherry On Top's Hybrid Saturday.

It's been so busy around here.  My head is spinning.  Worse than normal!  Hehehe...come on and join us today for another packed blog of scrap-a-liciousness to get the ole mojo in full swing.  We've got awesome page inspiration, some gorgeous new releases from Clever Monkey Graphics and JoCee Designs as well as a few throw back, free printables and a handy tutorial or two. 

By now, you may have heard the news?  Clever Monkey Graphics has joined the Sweet Shoppe!  Are you at all surprised? She makes a great fit over there and I'm thrilled to be on yet another Creative Team at the Sweet Shoppe.

Tracey and Jo have teamed up and made this really, really fantastic collection, Brunch At Tiffany's.  The color palette is so awesome.  It reminds me of home, Florida!  Sunny yellows and oranges and cool water blues.  As soon as I saw all of the glitzy, glamours elements I knew exactly what template I needed.  Fashionista!

I'm a little too Plain Jane for brunch so I went for the fashionable side of the collection.  I've provided you with a preview of the collection so you can get a better feel of all that's in this one.  The breakfast/brunch elements are really cute and might be just what you've been looking for.
Fashionista Templates

Yip!  That's me!  If you're a Cherry follower you know I'm a total free bird and have had a crazy kind of life full of insane experiences worthy enough for some seriously good literature.  Hehehe...So this picture of me during my body building/modeling phase seemed a great fit.  I grew up on the stage and still, occasionally take part in commercials and voice overs.

I had such a blast scrapping this page.  Jo had the perfect paper for my dress and all of the paint provided in the template gave my page just the edge it needed.  Hehehe...Punny, punny...I added some lights/fire to my chandelier for another special touch.  I loved the feathers or whatever that cool shape is.  It went great with the fern leaves.  That lightly turned juxtaposition was perfect for the skirt of the dress.

Fashionista Templates

Did you love Fashion Plates as a kid, too?!  I thought I might have been a fashion designer in NYC.  I was so obsessed with clothes.  The more practical boring side of me decided to stick with teaching.  There was always this self doubt which was alot more injurious than I ever thought and I've only noticed as hind sight recently.  Support your peeps with everything they do and let them know absolutely anything is possible.  If Trump can do it?!  I loved that meme,  "But you can never be president, Donald...Hold my beer..."  Consider me completely impartial to politics because I don't trust any of them.  Hehehe...

Back to the program...

Brunch At Tiffany's

There's your look at the collection and did you know that Jo gives her fans a sneak peek nearly every week where a lucky winner gets the entire thing?  Join her group and wait for it!

Jo's Group

Make sure to visit the Sweet Shoppe and check out what Tracey has put in there so far.  I've got a few pages to tempt you.

Farmhouse Valentine

I paired up Tracey's new goodies with our new templates, Year Book Winter.  So many fun layers to show off your designer's pretty papers.  Look at all of the adorable characters Tracey has in her collection.  Almost as cute as my boys.

Year Book Templates and Farmhouse Valentine

Year Book Winter

If you haven't heard, we're having a year long Progressive Scrap in the group.  By the end of the year participants will have an entire album to print out.  Come and join us!  I've designed these templates to help you get the pages done faster.  I've put the Project Life style templates at a Cherry price.  They scrap so fast and seriously, you could totally leave all of the ellies!  Just crop in your pictures and be done with it!  It's a great way to ensure that you'll get the spring goodies.  It's ALL free so there is certainly motivation.

Year Book Winter Project Life Style

This is the freebie that is now available in the group and there is more to come so make sure you are following us and that you're a newsletter subscriber because it will be exclusively for them.


Here's a page I found in DigiLand using our Tag!  You're It! templates and Tracey's kit. How sweet?!

Tag!  You're It! Templates

Tag!  You're It! Templates

Free Llama card
Freebies!  Get mine right here and get Tracey's over in her group.

I designed some fun freebies for Tracey.  Keep reading for ideas on how to use them.  Besides the obvious one!  Tracey has the rose journal card freebie on her blog, but ya might have to wait a bit to grab it.  Technical difficulties.  Hehehe...

Here are a few more pages I designed with the kits and collections in Tracey's new shop at the Sweet Shoppe.

My Muse templates

Uh, huh...That's me with one of the guys that worked out at my gym.  I was dressed for my second job at the Cinema and Draft House.  I worked there, too.  No time for play back then, but certainly interesting.

This collection is chock full of awesome goodies and the palette, inspiring!

My Muse templates

Now, don't get all judgey!  I've had skin cancer and anxiety and thankfully have learned the amazing health properties of marijuana.  If you're clueless in this department, I highly suggest you read up on it.  Depression, pain...there are so many illnesses that can be improved or even eliminated by strategically using these products.  There are ZERO side effects.  Unlike the way over prescribed varieties that most doctors are prescribing their uninformed patients.  You might be a touch disturbed if you really understood just how ineffectual medication that doctors are prescribing is.  Read up and make wise decisions with professional guidance, of course.

Reggae Time has little to do with marijuana, but I certainly appreciate that kind of sass!  Hehehe...It's also all things reggae and the vibrant palette is awesome.  I paired it up with our Strip Tease templates.  We won't even touch on that combination!  Hehehe...Don't forget, we've three in this series.  Last week, we posted a free template with the torn look, too.

Strip Tease 3 Templates

Are you taking care of the birdies this winter?  Maybe all year long?  I read from one source that we shouldn't over feed the birds because it makes them dependent on us.  Then I read another article saying that since we're pretty much destroying their environment, it's the least we can do.  Maybe it's a little selfish on my part, but I love bird watching.  I can have anywhere between 3 to 10 varieties of our feathered friends at the feeders.  With a hot cup of tea, it's a great way to spend a few minutes.

Snow Whoa Woe from Clever Monkey Graphics is such a clever name, don'cha think?!  It's full, full of snow, birds and many other elements notorious in this time of year.  Fan of winter and all of that snow?  Come on over to the group and show us your snow woe or whoa pages.  We don't get much snow in Belgium any more.  Might be one the only thing about global warming that is positive in my my book.  Hehehe...I paired it up with some of our winter themed templates.

Celebrate Winter Templates

I've got more page inspiration from JoCee.  She's put, For We Are Glorious in the Sweet Shoppe. I don't know how you design your pages and I cannot state that I have a very particular method, myself.  Sometimes I start with a kick'n background and sometimes I wait until the very last moment to add just the right one.  Here, I waited until the end.  I started with this light one that I adjusted through Jo's paint and my edges.  I wasn't sure if it was perfect.  It felt a touch busy, but I still liked it.

Project Art Deux Templates

Then I put a plain dark background behind it to see how that would look.  What do ya think?  Have you got a favorite?  Tell us in the group.

Project Art Deux Templates

I thought it made my photos pop and man the impact!

Ok!  On to the hybrid portion of this blog.  Your free journal card or Project Life card can be used as intended could do something like the project I did a few years ago.  Here's a quick peek.  I've got other blogs with alternative uses for journal cards.  Here's another one.

You'll get a step by step tutorial as well as a free template to make your mini.  I used my mini as a gift for me niece.  It was her card and a money holder.

free template and tutorial
Cool inked edges gives this page a lift.
free template and tutorial
You can make a mini like this in minutes!

free template and tutorial
Here's the blog with the free template and tutorial.

If you love projects like this, guess what?!  We've got a lot more of them and yes, with free templates!  Check here for more.

Here are a few more throw back freebies from the blog that are still live.  Enjoy by clicking on the images and getting to that blog for the download.  Perfect for this time of year.  Maybe a nifty gift idea?

free quick page
A free quick page!

free valentines cards
More free journal cards to use digitally or hybrid!

This is a cute little basket.  Template and step by step is all linked up for you!

Free template and tutorial

Thanks for hanging with The Cherry.  Pop back to yesterday's blog for more scrappiness.

Happy scrapping!