Friday, August 7, 2020

Pool Side Digital Scrapbooking Templates and Free Coordinating Collection

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We've finally made it!  I bet you just couldn't wait for today's round of fabulous freebies or our new coordinating templates.  I'm so excited be giving you these wonderful gifts as a way to say thanks as well as keep coming back for more.  We've always got something up our sleeve and today's blog will get you all geared up for August.

First, I'll show off the templates, provide you with some helpful tips and information about the pages and then give you an update on all that is going on this month as well as a freebie wrap up.  So scroll through and enjoy.

I got so much inspiration via so many sources for these templates.  I was boggling my mind at how I'd get that unicorn head on my float and then remembered, I already drawn a unicorn head for a template so I used that.  Now, it isn't perfect and it is painted so it will have a bit of crafty feel to it.  They are not perfect shapes.  Just so ya know!  Hehehe...

Since I went through all of that trouble making these elements for the templates, I thought why not just add some texture and styles and design a little mini and then it just kept growing and I thought I'd just give it all away to our adoring fans and hoped maybe in return, you'd get these templates to go with it all as way of thanks back.

Let's see what the lovely, talented ladies have designed.

JBStudio's Pool Party

Tip:  Add some fun styles to give your pages more POW!

Goodies from the GingerBread Ladies and a style from Mommyish

Watercolor sure does look pretty with these templates.  I just love Theresa's page!  She even added a fun spot on the snorkel and the bottom cluster looks awesome, too.

Goodies from Heart Made ScrapBook

Jenn did up her photo really cool and what a really cool photo, too.  That cluster is to die for!

Products from TraceyB

You can always keep it a bit more simple...

Ocean Dreams from Throwing Some Scraps Around

Felicity just used our background and did her own thing on the top.  Rebel!  Hehehe...

A mix of goodies.

Just So Scrappy

Theresa totally customized our flamingo floaty and you can too with styles, design papers and paint.  Tip:  A bevel style will give your floaty a more realistic look.

More from Just So Scrappy

Theresa has done a double pager with the templates and our free collection.

Our free collection.

The Pool Side Collection.

To get the ellies and the alpha, you have to sign up to our newsletter.  You'll love our letters!  I keep it very brief and I only send out once a week, promise.  I will not clutter your box and besides, I often give exclusive freebies to our subscribers and it's a great way to keep up with our happenings because we have a lot.

The papers are over in the group on Facebook.  If you are not on Facebook, send me a message and I'll send you the links for the papers.  I wouldn't want to force anyone to have an FB Account.  Hehehe...(Make sure to give me at least 48 hours to respond.)

The Pool Side Freebie!

Here are the free journal cards for you.

My apologies for the problems with the links that keep breaking.  Fingers crossed this link will stay.  I'll keep coming back to check.

I'm posting the ugly link too because Blogger keep deleting my links.

I'll have these stickers on our Hybrid Saturday blog tomorrow, along with how to use our free collection, hybrid style!

Free on TOMORROW'S blog.

Did you do the hop around and get all of the fabulous free templates?!

Last week's free template and cuttable.

Don't forget all of the challenges in the forum at GingerScraps.  We've done the Desktop Challenge, once again.

Free template for the Desk Top Challenge at GingerScraps.

I've put SIX packs of templates in the shop at GingerScraps.  Make sure they are not already in your stash!

We've also contributed to the Free With Purchase for August.  Check it out!  although the theme may seem very summery, if you get rid of a few of the obvious elements, these templates are really quite versatile.

Free With Purchase this month at GingerScraps.

Free With Purchase this month at GingerScraps.

A few of my Cherries played with the template from Dog Days Of Summer.

LouCee Creations

Goodies from Connie P.

Designs from Jen Yurko.

Another mix of products.

Goodies from Dandelion Dust.

I'm gonna close up.  It's going to be in the 90's, my office is in the attic presently and we've got no AC.  So stay cool and get totally scrappy this weekend!  I hope to see ya in our group and in the forum at GingerScraps.  

Leave us some love and enjoy all of the fabulous freebies.

Happy scrapping!


  1. I can't get the cute journal cards to DL. it says that there is an error. Please help! They are adorable!

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    1. Check under the Announcements section for the papers link.

  4. I get the same error regarding the journal cards... thank you for sharing this beautiful summer kit!!

  5. Still getting errors on journal cards download even with "ugly" link. It says I don't have access to it.

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  8. Hi everyone. The Journal Card link has been fixed. Thanks Lisa.