Friday, December 4, 2020

Free Subscriber Gift, Scrapbooking Pages for the Holidays and Wonderful Freebies from The Cherry and Other Designers

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

If you've been following us the past 8 years, you'll have seen a kind of metamorphosis.  I was just thinking about this the other day.  I started off with more home making things like cleaning, cooking and a lot of crafty things.  Over the years, some things have changed.  The kids got older and I started really getting a grip on Autism so didn't write about it much any more.  Food is still a passion and I do like to sprinkle some cooking things in the blog.  Physical crafting has taken a bit of a back step.  I found myself enjoying digital designing so much more than traditional crafting, lately.  I still like to do it on occasion and mostly for gifts.

With this world pandemic, a lot of things are changing including this blog.  Sadly, there is not much to take pictures of.  I find myself not wanting to scrapbook so much any more.  No vacations.  No joyous birthday celebrations or celebrations of any kind and frankly, I do not want pictures of people wearing masks. 

I know scrapbooking can be an excellent source for release, but for me, I don't want to remember these times.  So I'm choosing not to scrapbook them, for now.  I've not lost my passion for creating as of yet and I'm actually trying my best to immerse myself into designing as a diversion of what is going on outside.  Not just the crap, grey weather, but the lockdowns and the lack of physical contact with friends and family.  My hair!  If you could only see my Corona Doo.  Think Cousin It, if you're old enough. ;)

I hope you'll stay with us through these changes and take note that The Cherry is still passionate about design, health (yours too), happiness (yours too), great deals and freebies.  Hehehe...(insert emoji)

I've got new designs in the Design Bundles shop.  There are two new packs of digital scrapbooking templates at GingerScraps and a Buffet Blow Out Sale there.  I've also got a new subscriber freebie that you're going to love and links to over half a dozen freebies.

If you happen to be a designer, take note!  I'll be getting templates in the Design Bundles shop that are for Commercial Use.  Use them to make your own templates to sell.  Make papers like you see here in the Steam Punk paper pack or quick pages for in your shops.

It is tough finding cool Steam Punk stuff so I thought I'd add some things that might appeal to fans as well as vintage lovers.

I've turned my very own templates for making printables for you into templates you can also use, now.  Design gorgeous planner printables quickly and easily with them.

This stationary and posters pack is not new, but it has been updated.  I've added more colors and separated the journaling, too.  I totally picture these in a vet or groomer.  The business card can be used as a schedule card if you put it on the back.  I like the journaling as well.  Great for us canine keepers.

Our Travel Notebook templates are not new either, but they are new to Design Bundles.  There are Notebook Sized templates as well as the 12x12 inches templates.  You can also find our run through video there.  This is a really fun and easy project to do.  Not just for travel.  For any occasion or theme you want to scrap.  I think it'd be great for teens and tweens, too.

These are all of our 2020 Buffets.  We survived 2020, so far!  Hehehe...For only a few bucks, you've got one sweet collection to choose from.  Here are a few of my pages with some of my favorites.

Products from Just So Scrappy

Products from Heartstrings Scrap Art

Fun goodies from Clever Monkey Graphics.

Lovelies from JoCee Designs.

Here are the two new template packs and page inspiration from my awesome Creative Team.

I've also got a Commercial Use version similar to this in Design Bundles.

Gorgeousness from Kristin Cronin Barrow

Arizona Girl and Dana's Foot Prints

Designs from Laura Burger

Our very own Sleigh Bells Ring kit.

Kim Cameron Designs

LouCee Creations

More from Lou...

Made By Keuntje

The new Buffet for December...

Laura Burger

More from Rosie...

Pat's Scrap

Something bright and fresh from Aimee Harrison.

Total cuteness from Magical Scraps Galore.

Connie Prince

More from Connie...

Love the change up Theresa did and yes, more from Connie Prince.

Heart Made Scrapbook

More from Connie Prince

Yay!  Our Gnome For Christmas Collection.  There is a sheet of free tags in there.

Every year and in between, I spoil our dedicated fans with freebies of the varying sorts.  This year's holiday gift will be brought to your mailbox every Friday this month.  A digital scrapbooking mini and I've got a twist and surprise at the end so stay tuned.

The first part of this free kit is waiting for you in your e-mail.

Here are some other freebies and great deals you can find here, on the blog and other great crafty places.

A free template...

free printable card...

two free printable tags...

an entire kit, template AND step by step video to get you digi scrap'n...

a fun freebie coordinating with our flamazing collaboration with Art & Life Scraps...

$20 for 4,000 Designs?!

I thought these two, FREE designs at Design Bundles were SO cute!  There are a lot of freebies to go through.  Hop over and check them out, today.

Thanks so much for giving The Cherry some of your precious time.  I hope you're staying healthy and happy.  If you find these times are getting really tough (as do I), remember you are not alone with those feelings.  So many of us are frightened, stressed, depressed, but we have to keep pressing on.  Make it a point to think about all of the things you are grateful for.  Electric?  Your health?  Running water?  The neighbor waving at you from across the street?  The sun in the sky or the moon at night?  Fill your mind with all of the good you've had in the past, you have now and the good you hope to find in the future.  Let these thoughts take over and of course, find the time to do the things you love.  You deserve it.

Happy scrapping and creating!

(You are always invited to join us in our group.  You may talk scrap and you may also pop over if you need some words of hope and love. We are there for you, always.)


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