Friday, January 8, 2021

Mandala Magic Papers and Templates, Alluring Animal Print Papers, Journal Junky Templates and More

Welcome to The Cherry On Top's weekend lovelies.

We've got several new products in our shops, page inspiration that have you itching to scrap and a quick wrap up of free stuff as well as a throw back freebie.

I've been putting my Dollar Event purchases to work.  I made a really pretty pack of mandala papers as well as coordinating templates so you can either designer your very own papers (for Commercial or Personal Use) or beautiful scrapbooking pages, cards, tags, stickers, posters...Don't let us stop you!
I wanted to use warm colors and I've added a gentle touch of gold for luxury and poppage.  I turned that bottom right template into a kind of quick page by simply adding texture, two lovely photos and rearranging the cluster ever so slightly.  Scrap fast and beautifully with The Cherry!
Can you just imagine all of the awesome things you can design with either the papers or the templates?!
Visit The Design Bundles Shop Kreative Design Studio
I read somewhere that animal print was in high demand.  So I hit more of the Dollar Deals from my Commercial Use stash from Design Bundles and combined some of the print/textures I bought as well as some really nifty rainbow glitter papers.  I did tweak the glitter papers just a touch and added some serious grungy textures to give these sassy, wild papers an extra touch of fabulous.
Let your imagination take you away when you use these papers.  Book covers, stickers, dashboards...They certainly will draw the eye!
I'm so excited to bring you these new templates, Journal Junky and what I hope to be the first of a series.  I initially intended these templates to be photo less, but thought I'd include them, just in case.  You can most easily delete the photo spots and simply journal or design a page without photos.  Consider these templates a challenge!  Write it down, peeps!  Express your thoughts.  Type up your favorite poems.  Journal about a wonderful moment in your life.  Especially, if you don't have photos of it.  How cool will that be?!
I'm providing several pages this week because I'm still not sure if I'm going to blog and if I do, it might just be what you see here, again. I've left you who designed the page along with the designer or shop to find the kit in.
Goodies from the Sweet Shoppe and page from Cherry Scraps.
Another fun page from Roxana and products from Kristmess.
Give your templates a twist for a different look!
On A Whimsical Adventure Page from Caro
Our Beautiful Esther and beautiful kit from Valentina.
More from the Sweet Shoppe and Jen's adorable pup.
A lovely page from Felicity with products from Jessica Dunn.
I've got a few new Creative Team members.  Here's a page from Evelyn using products from Tami Miller.
Seize The Day found in our shop.
Page and collection From Cindy
Ella scrapped beautifully using goodies from the Sweet Shoppe and no photos.
I love how Jillian scrapped up her page.  She combined journaling and photos using a kit from Connie Prince.

Freebie Recap!

If you missed Saturday's blog, pop back over and check it out.  I've got links to all of the free stuff pictured here.  Including the free kit and coordinating template with instructions on how to get digital scrapbooking.

Throw Back FREEBIE!

For spits and giggles, I've included a link to this blog full of Valentine's Day inspiration and this template that's still live.  I do plan on going back and deleting all of the Love For Layout Templates freebies from last year.  Grab them while you still can.
Thanks so much for giving The Cherry a little a piece of your day.  I hope it turns out to be wonderful.

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