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Birthday Card Design and Some Free Printable Cards for Kids and More

Awesome designs and fonts from Plus.

Welcome, artists and crafters to The Cherry On Top.

Did you know birthday cards are the most popular cards on the market?  They outsell all other cards and yet it’s still so hard to find just the right one.  Today, we’re going to fill your head with all kinds of birthday card ideas and we've got a free kid's card for ya, too.

Creating Birthday Cards for Kids

In the first image, you can see how I used a pack of digital elements and a cute background that was also included, to make a few different cards for kids.  The designer used a great array of gender friendly colors.  So they can be used for boys or girls.  Of course, with a little software savvy, you can alter colors, add textures and customize them to perfection.

I used an easy to read font that included its own, unique path!  I’ve never worked with a font that did that before and I love a big, chunky font, too.  It’s in Plus and waiting for you to play with it.

For one dino card, I used shadows and for the other, I did not.  When you design your own cards, you have so many options.  It might even save you time and money because you won’t have to run out to a store.

Designing a card is a whole lot like scrapbooking!

Unicorn design from Plus, The Machine Font, glitter splatter and a great mockup.

Man, did I have a blast designing this glitter glammy unicorn card!  Again, I used a design from Plus which was just an outline.  I added several layers to the back or underneath it and filled them in with a brush.  Then, added rainbow glitter paper, a bevel and intense shadows. 

Engaging cards are ideal for children.  It’s also a great reason to keep it simple.  This strategy will also save you time.  When you design your own birthday card, you can size it just how you like as well.  Don’t forget the envelope!

Take a look at the next two birthday ideas for Baby’s 1st Birthday.

Absolutely beautiful illustrations.

Here's a design I created with a first birthday in mind. It's available in Plus.

first birthday

We’ve got some insanely talented designers in Design Bundles and Plus.  You could use both designs for an invitation or a card to give.

Cards that are ready to go!

If you know the child well, you can search for designs or cards that will really please them.  Some kids just love cars, trucks, dinos, princesses, unicorns...and Design Bundles has them all!  Consider the kind of toys the child likes and see if you can find a design with it.

Age and Gender Neutral Birthday Card Designs

I’ve got a huge stash of birthday cards for all ages and genders.  Ya never know when that pop up invitation comes or you just remember at the last minute.  That sure happens a lot with me.

It’s ideal to have some birthday scrapbook papers, birthday stickers and celebratory elements in your stash whether digital or printed. If you find yourself short on envelopes, you can use templates and make your own or you can design the card using very rigid paper, without a fold and simply put the writing on the back.

Sending it digitally will require no envelope!

Let’s take a look at some age and gender neutral digital scrapbooking papers and patterns.

Super birthday papers for cards and more!

The best digital paper for birthdays will look something like this. These patterns are bright and would be great for absolutely anyone.

Versatile, bright and jovial designs for birthdays and celebrations.

A pack like this would be perfect to design birthday cards, invitations, stickers...If you can get a pack with papers and elements, you can really design a wonderful card.

Fresh and modern, digital papers and cut files for birthdays and more.

birthday printables
Some of my designs in Plus.

Another option that’s super easy and fast is pairing up a paper pack with a cut file for birthdays.

See how I cropped the birthday papers, layered them up and added a Happy Birthday Wishes cut file to the top.  I added two outlines and an intense shadow for contrast.  I just used the paint bucket to fill or color the cut file and added some texture with digital styles.

Seriously, a card like this takes mere minutes to design and print.

Designs from Karen Schultz

It certainly is challenging to find mature, beautiful birthday designs for a card.  Just use any design you like and include a birthday wish or sentiment on it and BOOM! I loved the texture on the ribbon and the paper.  I thought it’d be nice to include a photo on my mom’s card. This card below is an old freebie. Click here or the image to download.

Designs from Karen Schultz

You can design generic cards with sentiments like these.  If you do go digital, save the layered file and make changes as you need per recipient.

Designs from The Cherry On Top.

If you can’t find anything that tickles your fancy under a birthday search, try searching under party or even New Year or wedding and you’ll get some great elements and papers that are perfect for a mature birthday card.

A birthday is definitely a reason to celebrate, right? Oh! Hey! I've got an entire collection that I designed for my niece's wedding called, A Reason to Celebrate, which will also be in an upcoming blog.

If you're a Plus fan, type in Wedding Scrapbooking in the search and a bunch of my packs will come up. You could pop over to GingerScraps where you can still purchase my Personal Use goodies. You can get all of the goodies in one huge bundle or buy them by the pack.

wedding layouts

Cool papers and designs from Plus.

Just look at all of the wonderful birthday cards I could design using items from Plus.  Perusing all of the fantastically creative designs will feed your creativity, too!

Here's your free child's birthday card.

free printable card

I sure do hope we helped you decide on making your own cards.  It’s such a fun hobby.  You get to hold something in your hands if you do print it out.  It’s also something to give to someone which feels really great for you and the recipient.

Thanks so much for checking us out.  Please, do join us in our craft-tastic community and sharpen your crafting skills with videos from Design Bundles and The Cherry.

Happy card making!

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