Friday, March 31, 2023

April's Love For Layout Templates Blog Hop of Free Digital Scrapbooking Templates for Pages, Cards and More

Welcome to The Cherry on Top.

Y'all! Blogger keeps taking down my blogs as they are published. To try and have my blogs air on time, I'm publishing this blog a little early. So, if the other blogs are not live yet, be patient. What happens is I type up a blog and Blogger immediately unpublishes it claiming that my blog goes against their community standards. As if?! I've asked them to prove that claim, but of course, they cannot. I then have to request a review and then wait until they do that. They do this for nearly every blog! Double ugh, right?! I've been using Blogger for over a decade. Anyway...Rant over!  Hehehe...

Don'cha just love these scrapbooking hops? What a great way to get free templates and inspiration. I've got a pretty neat template for ya, today.  I used a beautiful laser cut file from Design Bundles for it. When I peruse Plus and Design Bundles, I think how I can use the products I see for scrapbook products and other digital designs and you can, too.

If you're not in Plus yet and have never been, use this link and try it out for free. I've stuffed Plus full of digital templates and huge digital scrapbooking collections.  Type in "scrapbook" in the search and start using up all of those free points with the link I gave ya. My templates all have the same color scheme to make them easy to find.

Keep scrolling for more free templates.

free scrapbook template

My team loved the new template and designed some lovely pages to inspire you. Speaking of team members, I sure could use more ladies on the team. If you are interested in making pages with my templates and designs contact me via e-mail or FB. I'd love a hybrid chick, too.

scrapbook layout

scrapbook template

Let the background take over and show off your favorite pics or just use the pretty template to make a paper design. It would make a stunning card, too.

free template

Chere Kaye Designs was the stop before mine. Next up is Blue Heart Scraps. Drop off your pages in our group. We love to see what ya do.

Did ya participate in the Scrap-A-Thon, last month? I gave away a lot of free stuff and prizes, too.  There were 20 challenges.  You can still go through and do the challenges for the rest of the year. Feel free to add them to the albums in our group if you like. Challenges are a great way to amp up your scrapping game and get pages done for albums. Below are some of the freebies and some page examples from a few of the scrappy sisters that participated in the Scrap-A-Thon.

recipe challenge

large title template

I couldn't choose what page to show!

love template

free template

Another super cute page with a Cherry template from Ruth.

scrapbooking with banners

Another free template for you.

free digital template

A great page from Cathy.

free template

I started off the event with a surprise free template. Head over to the blog where the event started and see what template is waiting for you.

digital scrapbooking templates

digital templates

Kaitlyn just joined my team. Yay! Her pages she made for the challenges were stunning.

beautiful scrapbook page

That's right! Yet another free template!

free template

I know!  I know! It pays to follow The Cherry.

L O V E template

Hilary made a great page.

free template

I spent days making these templates and boy are the pages fantastic.

floral digital templates

digital layouts

My newest addition to the Kreative Design Studio in Design Bundles is Pink Punk. I put it all together in a bundle or you can grab the packs ya like. I've got a lot of inspiration in the galleries in the shop.

pink punk collection

Thank you for stopping by The Cherry.  Enjoy the rest of the hop, grab our other free templates, join in on the scrap-a-thon and consider supporting The Cherry with a purchase at either GingerScraps or Kreative Design Studio.

Happy scrapping!


  1. Sorry to hear you are having problems with blogger -- how frustrating!! So glad you've hung in there & shared this gorgeous template. The background is so beautiful!! Thanks so much for sharing it, Lisa! Happy Easter! & Happy Spring!

  2. Thank-You for the unique & pretty template. I look forward to using. And, yes, Thank-You for persevering with your Blog so we are blessed with these freebies. Blessed Be.

  3. Thank you for this gorgeous ALFLT train freebie and all of the others during your scrap-a-thon month!