Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Scrapbooking Challenge #7 in The Cherry On Top's Scrap-A-Thon

Welcome to our 7th Challenge in the Scrap-A-Thon.

I want to say this is an easy one. Especially if you are one of those genius people who practice gratitude, daily. I continually remind myself how grateful I am for a warm, dry home. For my relatively healthy family. For my hubs who buys me food and well...everything. I'm grateful that my parents are still here with me. (Most of the time! Just kidding!)

Now, I want to see what you are grateful for. Keep reading for inspiration, information and ideas.

school scrapbook

I'm so grateful to have been a teacher. What a fantastic job! If you manage to get paid enough to actually buy ... anything.  Hehehe...Still a bit bitter about that one.  Anyway...You might remember that I made dozens of Plus products that were school related. I made some geography materials for older kids. Tons of handy homeschool resources and of course, they're all pretty bright and FUN.  I always put myself in the place of my students when I was creating lesson plans.  They HAD to be fun. Even history activities for 18-year-olds. You should have seen the crazy stuff I had them do! Hehehe...

If you read the last blog, you know that you can get a ONE MONTH FREE GOLD MEMBERSHIP AT PLUS to try out the scrapbooking, educational and other fabulous designs they offer. There's new stuff, every day and WAY more reasons to join.  My second favorite reason is the FREE software that's perfect for digi scrap'n.  Hello?! Follow our videos to learn how!

printable alphabet cards

I'm grateful for all of you who are submitting your gorgeous pages to our group and forum at Design Bundles. There's even very little complaining, so far.  hehehe... Definitely grateful for that one.

butterfly template
A lovely page from a fan with our free template.

Here's a page idea for you. This is an old page. I'm actually working on my laptop, far from home which really was not a great idea to combine with this event.  Blondie strikes, again! I'd gather it is a Lissy Kay template which totally dates itself. She was the master! It was so much fun being on her team and I'd bet she had a lot of influence on my own template designs.

grateful layout

Here's another one with what looks to be an Aimee Harrison collection and it's my Butterflies are Free templates from GingerScraps. Oh!  I'm also grateful that Ginger keeps my shop open even though I don't submit items anymore. I told her she can keep all of the $$$ if anyone does buy anything, but apparently, that hasn't happened in a while. I'm hoping a few of you will pop over there and give it a visit and help her out, too. I told her to put the shop on sale at 50% off as well.
Peeps think I'm nuts for that decision. I certainly won't argue with the nuts part, but I had thousands of links out there and didn't want people to come across a dead link. I hate when that happens. If sales don't start picking up at DB, I may end up going back.

butterfly template

butterfly template

I made a suggestion a while ago, in our fun designer group at Design Bundles to have challenges. They started them late last year. We've got Silver, Gold and Bronze prizes each week. It's really fun and I love seeing what the other designers are up to. This week's challenge is "stars" and this is the start of my entry. I ended up designing so much, I think I'll put it all in a huge bundle. Not sure yet.  

Tell me, is this whole not being able to make decisions a getting old thing?!  I used to be the bossiest...(clears throat) The bossiest of bosses.  I'd love the opportunity to make a choice or decision, but lately, I'm terrible at it!!!  Everything is ok.  It's all fine...

sun moon and stars designs

I mentioned that scrapbook stuffs isn't just for pages. See what I mean?

rainbow moon design

I placed in three of the competitions so far and thought I'd share those designs here with you. Rember! They are 50% off, too.

chocoholic scrapbooking designs

This fun, paper treat box is in the bundle and in the printables only pack.

chocolate gift box printable

Oh! There's a coordinating freebie with this in the group.

free quick page

I scoured the web to see if there were any printables with a Steampunk edge and didn't find much. So, I thought I'd try to jump into an empty space in the market. Any day now, they are going to be banging down the door for them.

steampunk printable

I used these papers to design the printables. My paper pack, Flight also won second prize, but for some reason, I didn't get one of those awesome little stickers.  Hehehe...

steampunk paper
Any of these papers would look awesome in a frame, right?

steampunk art

So, no matter what, who or where you are grateful for SCRAP IT! You know what I mean!!  Hehehe...It can be your dog, cat, chicken (You have to be really cool to have chickens!), food, your car, your kids, your partner...Scrap it with a template if you like. Anyone's template. Anyone's kit. There really are no rules for this challenge. Just that you show and or tell us what it is you are grateful for. What about The Cherry?! Just kidding! I am very grateful for you, dear fans. Very grateful, indeed.

I'll see you over in the group and the forum with your pages.

The SPEED SCRAP will be Saturday at 3:00 PM EST.  That is 9:00 PM my time. Past my bedtime! Grab a glass of something sassy and join us for a super fun speed scrap with prizes of course. If you have never done one, YAY! It'll be even more fun for us. (Are y'all grateful that I don't have emojis on the blog?) I'll tell ya what to do on your page, via the group and you scrap it. It'd be mega cool if you tried it traditionally. (You'll need pictures, papers, word bits or titles and other ellies of your choice, like flowers, foliage, scatter...) You only get 30 minutes to have your page finished! Nah, not really. You can add it any time, but you will miss out on the fun and prizes if you don't play in the designated time slot.

Happy scrapping and until the next challenge!

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  1. I am so hoping to take part in the speed scrap on Saturday... I think you and I are on the same time (or maybe an hour difference). Anyway it will be power dependant... will wait and see. It's in my diary anyway.