Monday, March 13, 2023

Scrapbooking Challenge #16 is All About You

Welcome to The Cherry's Scrap-A-Thon.

Y'all can jump in this scrapbooking event at any time at all. Go through all 20 of the challenges at your own pace and do it all for yourself, if you like. You may gladly add your pages to the albums in our group and of course, you may show off page inspiration or crafty endeavors in our group any time at all.

To win prizes you do have to get your pages in the album by the end of the event.  To find out more about the event and get started at the beginning, click here.

The 16th challenge is the All About You Challenge.  All ya have to do is scrap yourself AND hehehe...add some journaling.  Feel free to do more than one page if you like. To be clear.  Your page must have at least one picture of YOU and journaling about you. (I'm nosey!)

I'm showing off a couple of my pages with me as the main feature. I'd love to know more about you, too. Let's see what, who and where you love it most. What are your hobbies and favorite places? Share a page with a family recipe and yourself if you like.

scrapbooking challenge event
I used goodies from Clever Monkey Graphics and a free template from me.

Actually, this template would also be awesome for the Background Challenge!

fitness scrapbook layout
Collection from Clever Monkey Graphics

I have always been a very active person. I played all kinds of sports and even did some body building in my younger days. I still work out and keep up with cardio health, too.

fashion templates

If you follow The Cherry, you probably know I have two boys. They both have Autism and I started blogging about that a while back. You can find some extremely helpful information there. In the beginning it was a major struggle until we started figuring things out. From everything I learned from this experience we found that FOOD can really change everything. Feel free to share the blog with anyone who is struggling with Autism.

I've got things like alternative ways to tying shoes, LICE, Autism and Pets and my favorite punch ya in the gut kind of blog, What NOT To Tell Parents with Autistic Children. It's full of sass and truth. 

scrapbook challenge
Goodies from Key Lime Digi Design

Since everyone in this house has a penis, including the pets, I often scrap myself when I have to work with kits with a lot of pink and purple. Hehehe... The older I get, the more difficult this gets. We don't take a lot of pictures, lately.

digital scrapbooking templates
I used my Gypsies Template and designs from Key Lime Digi Design

key lime digi design

Y'all!  Don't forget!  Both of my shops are on sale at 50% off for this event. Your purchase is always greatly appreciated and certainly encouragement to keep designing. Participation for events like this is also a great way to say thanks for all of the freebies I've been dishing out over the last ten years.

Enjoy the process of scrapbooking yourself.

Happy scrapping!

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