Monday, March 6, 2023

Challenge #11 is the Speed Scrap and I'm showing off Some Scrapbook Layouts

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

The 11th Challenge was the Speed Scrap.  It was a success with limited participation. The time difference is always a problem. I'm in Belgium and most of our fans are in The States which is at least 6 hours difference. If only I were a night owl! Hehehe...It was still fun and went very smoothly. I'd like to do it again, sometime. Stay tuned if you're interested.

I am going to leave you with all of the directions from the Speed Scrap. So, if you are doing ALL of the challenges to win prizes for finishing, then you can still do your page and get it in the album by March 26th.

I'll leave those directions at the end of the blog.

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spring scrapbook paper

spring paper

spring template

Here are a few gorgeous pages from our lovely Challenge Participants.  Get inspired!

black and white challenge
Black and White Challenge

speed scrap
Speed Scrap Challenge

Shapes Challenge
Shapes Challenge

Gratitude Challenge
Gratitude Challenge

gratitude Challenge
Gratitude Challenge

border challenge

vintage scrapbooking
Use it All Challenge with FREE KIT

template challenge

I left you with quite some links if you still want to join in on the challenges.  You don't have to do them all.  Do as many as you like.  You may still put your pages in the albums in the group and win prizes.

Here are the directions from the Speed Scrap:

Step 1: Slap a large square or rectangle photo in the middle of your page. About 6 inches.

Step2: Add a small photo about 3 inches to either the bottom left or right corner of your large photo.

Step3: Mat your photos with different colors. As many layers as you like.

Step4: Add a word bit to the top middle and bottom middle of the large photo. You may use a title and or subtitle or a combination of the three.

Step5: Place 5 very large rings 3-5 in the center of the page. They should be about the size of the entire page. Use different colors, stamps, stitches or thin paper rings for the large circles.

Step6: Cluster around the top corner of your large photo.

Step7: Cluster UNDER your small photo in the opposite corner of your large cluster.

Step8: finish anyway you like! 

I'll be back with the next challenge.

Happy scrapping!

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