Friday, May 1, 2015

Hybrid Mini Album With Free Template

Welcome to another edition of a scrappy Cherry On Top.

We are going hybrid, again with this adorable, fun mini album/gift card/money holder.  We've also got a free envelope template coming in tomorrow's blog.  In good ole Cherry fashion, everything is free

My niece had her second confirmation last weekend and I wanted to make her a little something special.  I  know she loves pictures and she loves scrapbooking, too.  I just needed something to hold her gift as well.  We present to you today, this quick and easy hybrid project or totally traditional scrap project.  Go ahead and get a little glue and glitter on your finger tips.

 free download

Here's a look at your template in action.  If your going to do it digi style, then go ahead and clip in your favourite papers.  Otherwise, just print out the template at whatever size you choose, cut out the shapes as many times/pages you want and use them as a template to trace around.

I played with a bright fun kit from Key Lime Digi Design, Sweet On You.  

Just duplicate your template as many times as you want pages and add in more backgrounds.

Then go back and add your elements, journaling or word art.  I rotated the entire image to get my pocket right.  make sure ya do that right.  Look how I saved space at the bottom of the top image, right side.  That's for the pocket.

In the bottom image you can see the right side of the top image is your cover and the left, the back cover.  I left it blank.

Print out your pages you want and cut them out.  Seriously, the only materials you need are shown right here if you do it digi style.  Simple, eh?!

You can cut out the black outlining or leave it.  I left it for mine and just used a black pen to fill in the spots that were not perfect.

You could also ink around the edges. It goes really fast, there's not much mess and it gives your project a finished looked, too.

When you are ready to put on your pocket, remember to only adhere in a U shape like shown here.

Tip:  Use really narrow double sided tape to maximise the amount of space in your pocket.  If you don't have narrow double sided tape, then take a more broad tape and cut it in half. 

Voila!  The pocket is in place on the last page and it's just the right size for some money or a gift card, memento or coupon. Note, this is my last and first page.  I put the photos in time order.

There are so many things you can do with this template.  I chose to adhere one template right on top of the other, but you could also have each layer separate for more pages.  Then you have to make sure you have each side decorated or papered.

There are a lot of different ways to get your pages in the mini album.  Make a little extra flap on the edge, score along the edge of your page and adhere it to the center of your album, like I did here.  Place the strip in-between your pages before you glue them together, if that's how you are doing your book.

You could use brads, rings make it a flip style book from the top or the inside like shown here.

 Use colourful paper that matches your album for the flap like shown below.

Simply press the tabs firmly in the center/binding of your mini album and you're set.

Stick your nifty gifty in the pocket...

Admire your job well done...

A super cute mini album that you can make in about an hour.

If you're looking for something to put your mini album in, then come back tomorrow for the next hybrid entry on how to make envelopes digitally and traditionally.

Check out some of our other free templates and hybrid/paper projects here on the blog and our Facebook Page.

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Thanks for hanging with the Cherries!

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