Sunday, May 3, 2015

More NSD Freebies With The Cherry On Top

Welcome to another scrappy edition of The Cherry On Top.

We're doing free stuff all weekend long.  We dare you to keep up!  Our Facebook Page and Pinterest is hopping with free goodies all weekend long and there is so, so, so  much free stuff.

We're not stopping now!  Since National Scrapbooking Day is kind'a sort'a for traditional scrappers we are combining the two arts together, again with yet another hybrid project.  You can use the template in the traditional style or you can do it digi style like we did here. It's still on sale for a song of just $2.50!


 free download

I found this really cool, heart shaped envelop on Pinterest that I just loved and thought it'd be sweet to share with our fans.  We've got the perfect heart shape, lines to follow and some other nifty ideas for you in our pictorial tutorial.

Here's how I originally used Amanda Creation's kit, All About Me.  In this digital scrap layout of my oldest boy who just turned 10 this week.  I love these pictures of him.  I took the fun whimsical elements from Amanda's pack full of sweet ellies and came up with something jovial and bright.  Just like Liam.

 the studio

I wanted to show you how to do this digital style.  Download the template, it's in tiff format, open it up in your scrappy software, choose one of your favourite papers and clip it in.  That's it!  For a Mac it's command G and you're ready to print.

This is all you need:

-scissors or your trusty cutting machine
-digital kit with paper backgrounds or traditional paper
-printed download
glue dots, embellishments, ink and fasteners are all optional

Here is the printed version cut out and ready to ink, if you choose just fold.  You can see I added a few embellishments in the tip of the heart, via computer.  With the folding lines from the template, you can see exactly where your elements need to be placed if you decide to do it this way.

Tip:  Getting the folds just right is quite tricky.  I totally needed the lines provided in the template to get it just right.  What I did was after clipping my paper to the template, I played with the opacity so I could just see the lines.

Fold like above by following the lines on the template.

Then fold the top and bottom by following the lines, like pictured above.

I inked around the heart after I folded and it was ok, but when you fold your paper you reduce the rigidity of your heart and makes it a tad bit more difficult to do so.  I would ink around the edges and then fold.

I then inked around ALL of the folds for an extra splash of colour to make the envelop look for polished.  Voila!  Finished!

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So you can make something like this, with just a little bit of work.  Ahh...the magic of templates.

This is designed with a free, double template found at The Pixel Loft and with Paty Greif Digital Designer's kit, Blooming Everyday.

Check out all of our social outlets and grab some serious freebies.  Just remember, they are all for personal use only. Share the links for the blog and sites as a way to say thanks.  Enjoy!

Happy scrapping!

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