Monday, September 28, 2015

Autumn Decorating Fast, Easy and Inexpensive

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We've put together a variety of decor ideas to give you inspiration with your fall decorating.  In typical Cherry fashion, we keep it easy and we also keep cost in mind, too.  Try our family friendly, easy on the wallet ideas to make your home feel warm and cozy this season.

This first one is ours.  A large, tin tray full of seasonal nuts, a candle, small pumpkin, pine cone and a free printable that we modge podged on a shoe box.  I just love that quirky quote.

We blogged all about our Halloween decorating last year.  In Belgium, Halloween isn't all that popular, but in our tiny village, we're trying to change that.  Here's a shot of our front yard.  I made this out of plastic bags and some current clothes.   Hehehe...Those are my rain boots and my hubby's hat.


 I got these awesome images from Pinterest, drew them on to some sturdy, old card board boxes, painted them with black craft paint and used scissors and an exacto to cut them out.  Click on the first image to get to the site where I got the images and the second to see the blog on how we made this window.


Pretty cool, eh?!  We got a lot of attention for this window.  I just put a white sheet behind it all and some lighting behind it as well.  People were snapping pics left and right and were truly impressed.  Ha!


We've also got a blog on how to make this simple witch's broom from stuff you've probably got laying around the house.  You can make this in minutes.


Here's a totally economical way to decorate with natural goodies that might be laying right outside your door.  Clean up your vases, drop in a nice seasonal candle and put the nuts or small pines cones all around the candle.  Ready in minutes and so, so cozy!  This image is hooked up to even more fall ideas.


 Click on this image to get ideas for pretty wreaths using burlap.


These next three are totally fabulous and all three images are hooked up to a site where you can find even more lovely seasonal wreaths.  I cannot choose a favourite.


Grab all of your remnants and get tying this lovely wreath.


How's this for scary chic?  If you don't have the black elements like these, paint some you do have.


How lovely is this area?  Seasonal colours reflecting the colours of the view from your window.  Bringing the outside in without that chilly air.


Check out our Pinterest boards for Fall/Thanksgiving and Halloween ideas! 

We just rustled up this lovely, free printable for you!  Use it for a Project Life Style layout, in your agendas, use the four Cute Cards as tags or grab the png version and use it digital style.  There's so much you can do with it.  Either download directly by right clicking on the image or download our png version from Photobucket.

 free printable

We hope we got the wheels turning and the feeling of fall in your fingers.  

Thanks so much for checking us out!

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