Thursday, September 10, 2015

Putting Legos To Good Use

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

I really wish I could take credit for this great idea, but I did nab it from Pinterest.  Our charging station was always an absolute mess.  Cables were laying everywhere.  No one knew where to find them and I often vacuumed up the black cables that were blending in with the floor.  Oops!

Supplies Needed:

-  Lego Dudes or Dudettes (with hands)
-  scissors
-  velcro or your choice of adhesive

Silly me, thinking the easiest part of this project was gathering a half dozen Lego dudes.  Wrong!  My little guy dismembered every single one of them, including the hands.  Yes, those tiny hands.  I didn't want to use dudes that they often play with and this made the task even more challenging.

After finally, having a few shabbily dressed Lego guys, I got to work with the rest of the project that may have taken 15 minutes in total.  I could not find my velcro anywhere and I did a bit of autumn cleaning around the heater, rendering some newly, homeless spiders. Hehehe...

That's my outlet doo hickey.  I blew off the dust and neatly plugged in all of the chargers for the phones, games and tablets.  I brought the cords behind the heater so you only see the tops.  The cords are totally out of the way and out of sight.  This is the cherry on top, for me.

I need to give myself a quick manicure next time I take close ups of my fingernails.  Hehehe...

I tried using magnetic tape with the intention of sticking the Lego men on to my metal heater, but it didn't work.  The magnet was not anywhere near strong enough.  So, I used tiny pieces of velcro.  Sticking the hard side on the men and the soft side on my shelf.  My shelf is black and so is the velcro, so you don't see that either.

The boys beamed when they came home and reached for their games.  They thought it was so awesome.  I like how neat everything looks.

I guess this dude is getting sick of hanging around.

This one is tired of hanging around.

After a couple of days, the velcro isn't sticking just perfectly, but everything is still right where it belongs and the cords are still neatly tucked behind the heater.

It might not be the best solution, but it will do until I find a better one.  If you have an awesome power station idea, let's have it.

Thanks for checking us out!

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