Monday, September 7, 2015

Too Many Tomatoes?

Welcome to a Foodie Edition of The Cherry On Top.

Tomato season is winding down and I'm swimming in tomatoes.  I've received tons from my Father-In -Law, my neighbour and I started growing my own, with success this time!

I've tried growing tomatoes for a couple of years and never had one, red tomato.  I will attribute my success to planting them in the ground, persistence and a super sunny place.

So, there I was with nearly 100 tomatoes.  I got to work on the easiest recipe, simple diced tomatoes in zip lock bags for the freezer.  Washed, diced and put into zip lock bags with varying amounts.  Some small for when I only need a tomato and other larger ones for a main dish, like spaghetti.

Then, I went for a plain sauce.  Just olive oil, onions, peppers, garlic, salt, pepper and of course, the tomatoes.  I cooked the mix until I had the consistency I wanted and put them in recycled, glass jars.  Tip:  Put your ingredients as hot as possible, into your jars, fill, seal and turn upside down.  Keep upside down until cool and it will have vacuumed.

I tried to make a heh hem...plain tomato sauce of just tomatoes and it came out so liquid that I turned it into tomato soup.  Hehehe...

I was left with this thick paste of seeds and skin that I just couldn't throw out.  It tasted so darn good and full of flavour.  I'm using it as tomato concentrate, after pureeing it.

I did find a couple of really interesting recipes.  The first one is from a super long entry, but I learned a lot through it.  The image is from the site and it's hooked up so you can get a serious lesson in tomatoes and sauce.

 Serious Eats

The next one is from one of my favourite chefs, Jamie Oliver.  It's so mega easy and with everyday ingredients that you may have on hand already.  That's also his lovely image and it's hooked up to his recipe for tomato sauce perfect for pasta and much more.

 Jamie Oliver

I'm still left with nearly two dozen tomatoes and my tomato bush is still full with various tomatoes.  Kid Tip: My oldest son and most picky eater loves tomatoes.  He eats raw ones when we eat a veg he doesn't like.  I grew cocktail style tomatoes to put in his lunch, too.

So, what else can you make with all of those tomatoes you have?  Here's a list of ideas all linked up to their recipes.

fried green tomatoes  (I love these.  I just fry mine up in butter with a touch of salt and pepper. No breading.)
ketchup  (I still want to do this one.  It has just a touch of sugar, unlike other recipes.) 
tomato salad (caprese)

Now, you have an arsenal of recipes to use up those lovely, red treasures.

Here's also a hook up to a link with benefits of tomatoes if you are interested. Everything I grow and my chickens are all organic, 100% natural.

Thanks for checking us out.

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