Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Hanging Holiday Ornament How To

Welcome to another crafty, holiday edition of The Cherry On Top.

It's my favourite time of year, minus the endless grey sky and cold.  At least the inside of the house helps cheer things up.

We're showing off a very easy, inexpensive yet pretty way to decorate for Christmas.  This project only take s a few short minutes to assemble and the cost is minimal.

There is a new kitty in the house and I know how hard it is for kitties to stay AWAY from the Christmas decor.  It's also dangerous.  I brought down my cheap, plastic decoration so that nothing will get broken.  I found a link that has helpful information about kitties and decoration.  Check it out here.

For Halloween, I went to Ghent where they have a large store that specialises in window and store dressings.  There, I found these awesome, plastic balls that I could use year round, in my huge picture window.

What you'll need:

-  plastic, take a part balls
-  snow filler of your choosing
-  ornament of your choosing
-  ribbon
-  craft wire
-  scissors

A couple of years ago, I was on the hunt for purple Christmas decorations and I purchased these cheap, purple reindeer.  Only 99 cents for 6 of them.  I love all of that glitter.  When it hits the lighting in the tree, it sparkles wonderfully.

They always give these string thingies to hang your ornaments.  I prefer the metal hooks, but darn if I couldn't find any.  In this case, these were better.  I strung it through the reindeer, then placed the loop over the part where you hang your ball.

This turned out to be even better than I thought because I could pull gently on the string and raise my deer so that it didn't drag inside the ball.  Yay!

Put that inexpensive, fake snow in the ball or go for those foam beads or even cotton.  You could spray snow, too.

Close the ball and gently shake it until you have the snow where you like it.

These purple beads sure did come in handy to help hold my balls in place.  Hehehe...

Next up is the bow.  I used my handy bow maker to get it just perfect and I used two different colours to add more dramatic glamour and give the project a more costly effect.

Use craft wire or that stuff that looks like fishing wire to close up your bow and attach to the ball.
Use it to hang your finished project as well.

That's it!  Ready in minutes.

We'll be back with our tree and how we assembled it along with tips from the professionals on how to get your tree looking its very best.

Thanks for stopping by!

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