Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Quick Wall Paper Repair And DIY Wall Paper Glue

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We've got a great do it yourself edition, today.  Have you ever had a bit of peeling wall paper or a cat who likes to play with a loose end?  Maybe prying little fingers?  I've got all three!  I went on the search for DIY wall paper glue because I wasn't about to buy the boxed stuff for $10 and then have this huge batch for just a few quick repairs.

I'm thrilled to say, it's as easy as 1, 2, 3 and you more than likely have everything  you need right in your own home.  

You'll need:

corn starch

Yip, that's it.  Water and corn starch.  How much depends on how much you need.  I simply boiled a cup of water and though I was instructed to add cornstarch to the water and stir, it came out terribly lumpy.  So, I used a bit of cooking savvy to remedy the problem immediately.   Here's a much better way. 

As the water is boiling, get a cup, add a table spoon or two (depending on how much you need) to some ice cold water and shake or stir until dissolved, then add this mix to your boiling water until you get a decent consistency.  Let it cool and that's it! 

I took some out of my hot pot and put it in this smaller one and used this tiny brush for my little patches that needed fixing.

Get it good and in-between there.

Then flatten out your wall paper.

Wipe up any excess glue.  You can just use a damp rag to flatten your paper out, too.

I used the rest of my glue for a much bigger job.  It was one full sheet from wall to ceiling and a bit more.  I'm proud to say, that the job looks great.  Even better than with the store bought stuff.

I was absolutely thrilled to know I could make this non toxic, natural glue with what I  already had at home.  No more store bought stuff for me.

Until next time.  Thanks for peeking in!

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