Friday, March 25, 2016

Don't Take Those Templates So Literally and A Free One

Welcome to Freebie Friday at The Cherry On Top.

We've got the last template from the Caterpillar series.  Whoo hoo!  Let's check out some super scrappy sister inspiration and grab that new download.

If ya scroll through our blog, you'll see we often blog about templates.  They make scrapping super easy, they save a ton of time and they are also great for when you're creative mojo is running on low.  In the beginning of my digital scrap, I didn't even know how to use templates.  I used them as a sketch.  Then finally a scrappy sister told me about control "G" hehehe...I'm still learning very, very slowly, but I am moving forward and when I find new tips and tricks, I share them here, with you.

One way you can use this template is by showing a lovely landscape like Poki did here, above.  The interruption in the photo is not intrusive and each box runs smoothly into the next.

Below, a larger photo was used and the template works great for that, too.

Here's another from Robyn, with yet even another way to use the template.  Put a different photo in each box.

Want to learn more about templates and how to use them?  Click here.

If all of those boxes are making you batty, ditch them!  That's what I did in my layout.  Replace all of those boxes with one sweet photo.  What a fantastic thing, templates are?!  So very flexible.

Well, all righty then!  You should have all four, free templates now.  Do'cha just love our free templates?  Yes?  Then leave us some love when you download.  There is nothing more motivating than a nice complement and a thank you.

free template from the Cherry ON Top

We know ya love quick pages, too.  Did you grab this one from Tuesday?

free quick page

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We want to thank you for stopping by The Cherry.  Make sure ya do it, again!

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