Saturday, March 12, 2016

My Happiness, Hybrid Freebie Saturday

Welcome to Hybrid Saturday with The Cherry On Top.

You are going to love today's hybrid project.  I'll be showing off Aimee Harrison's, My Happiness 360 Collection.  Is it not just a breath of fresh air with mega sunshine?!  Such vivid colours, full of life and inspiration.

Aimee's 360 collections are super for your journals and planners, too.  See what we did with last month's here.  It's awesome.

I paired up Aimee's, My happiness with a fabulous template from Heartstrings Scrap Art to design this layout.  As mentioned in an earlier blog this week, I used scrapped a good friend's daughter to show off all of this wonderful pink.  She's such a cutie.

This background made a neat, homemade quilt feel.

 My Happiness

Can you even believe this is the same kit?!  I absolutely love when a kit has versatility like this.  There were a lot of non pink goodies in this collection.  So, if you're an all boy scrapper, no worries.

This layout was designed using one of our free templates.  Keep your eyes out for it. It's the third free template in the series and the first and second are already available for you.

 Why Happiness

This is the hybrid.  Can you guess what it is?

It's a pinwheel!  Simply, right click, download, print, fold over every other corner, fasten and you're set.  This project can be finished in less than five minutes from start to finish!  Ya gotta love that.  

I used a glue stick that dries really fast.

If you want your pinwheel to turn, then you'll have to poke a small hole through the middle and attach it to something like a straw, or paper straw with a tack or pin.  You can print it out large or small and consider using it on a card or in a traditional style layout.

I left that flower with butterfly as your centre, if you like.  I took the very edges of my flower and carefully, pushed them up a bit to give mine a more dimensional effect.

You  might also decide to do front and back.  You can even choose which side you like best and go from there.  If you like the differentiating colours, then you can go with the side without the circle.  You can print back to back or you could use some coordinating scrap paper and glue it to the back and go from there.  I did all of these options and they looked great.  Big, small, white back, coloured back, front side and back side and they all came out fantastic.

You could even print this out and trace the template on to the paper of your choosing.  This kind of versatilely makes crafting so much fun!

If you need a really in-depth tutorial on how to do this.  Check out this one.  

My tutorial is for decorative pin wheels that don't turn.  I saw them once in a vase like a bouquet.  Sweet!

So, I glued the printed out version onto coordinating paper from my stash, then cut it out.

If you want to stamp or brush around the edges, now is the time.

Use adhesive on the corners of your wheel.

Fold back every other one like illustrated.

I used a large, flat glue dot to adhere mine since I wasn't using it as one that spins.  If you are use something that a pin will go through, glue would be great if it can hold the force of the fold.

Almost there!


Choose what side you like best if it is going to be used for decorative purposes.

You can use straws, chop sticks...I used the stick from a McDonald's balloon.  Hehehe... I always keep them from the grocer's, too.

If you have nothing, consider a paper straw.  They are made in seconds.

Take a piece of paper and cut in half diagonally, as shown.  If you have a 12x12 it'll be a nice, big one.

Start at the small point and just roll as tightly as you can.  Don't worry if it isn't perfect in the beginning.  It's on the inside and you won't see it.

When you get to the end, glue down your edge.

There it is.  Cut off your edges and you're set.

Tah, dah!

I used another large glue dot to adhere my straw.

Just use a glue dot to adhere.

I liked the black edges on this one.  So, I left them in tact and added a fun card stock button.

Here's my balloon stick.  Excuse the mess that is my craft area.  I left my ribbon right on the rack/pants hanger that serves as my organiser.  Hehehe...I used a tiny glue dot at the top and bottom of the stick, stuck the end of the ribbon on it and slowly wound around my stick.  Seconds until finished!

Another glue dot to adhere.  Now my stick isn't so plain.

This is what the pinwheel looks like on one side.  I made it smaller for on a layout.

You can see the difference in sides with this image.

Here are all three finished products.

This one came out a nice, large size and the stick looks so great!

Thanks so much for joining us this Hybrid Saturday.  Check out our previous hybrids if that's your thing or hit up our Pinterst board to see all of the other kinds of projects we do at The Cherry, both digital and traditional.

Remember all of our goodies are for Personal Use ONLY.  Do not resell them or claim them as your own.  If you download, leave us some love, Pin and or Share.  It's the best way to say thank you.

Happy crafting!

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