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Paper Bird House with Free Template

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I found some great templates on Pinterest to make all different kinds of paper bird houses.  I'm using Alexis Design Studio's kit, A Woman's Heart.  It's what I used to make the layout further in the blog.  Get a look at this beautiful kit, scroll through the bird house tutorial and get the link for the free templates.

What an absolutely gorgeous kit!

 SBG/A Woman's Heart

Let's get into how you can use this PDF template digitally.

Bring up the template in your software program.  I'm using PSE11.

Either a plain or somewhat obscured background would be ideal.  Wood would be cool, too.  As you can see, the entire background is full with the print. That's just how it is with PDF's, it isn't a piece by piece template, but you can still get around this.  Keep reading to find out how.

Take a look at this next image.  I cropped up a coordinating paper from, A Woman's Heart.  Tip:  When you're not exactly sure of the shape you need, choose a background that you can slightly pull and stretch or shrink so that the image is not distorted.  Lines, ginghams and shapes like that are great for this.  Dot's are not, unless you only have to slightly make the adjustment.

I placed the cropped paper over this centre portion of the template and adjusted the size of the paper to fit right in that box/rectangle part of the template.  Look at the right of the image and you'll see my layers.  The green paper is on top of the template until it's the perfect fit.

When you have it the size you need, move it under the template so that you can see all of the lines for cutting and folding.

My favourite part!  Embellish!  Hehehe...I made a simple cluster in the bottom corner and of course, butterflies.  I can never resist bubbles and butterflies.

I wanted to put some more elements on this bird house.  My idea was to line around the hole and the edges by the roof.  I tried the button from the kit, but it didn't look perfect.  I figured a flat pearl would look the best.  I went to my Finder and typed in ADS pearl and this pearl scatter showed up.  I wanted to use something from the same designer.  Simply crop out the one part of the scatter you need and voila!

Time, patience and a steady hand and all of the pearls are in place.  That's a lot of pearls, but I really love the way it turned out.  Just how I thought.  I wish that would happen more often.  Hehehe...

For some reason there is no roof template.  It's not a huge deal at all.  There are so many things you can do to remedy this.  A rectangle at 7 by 4.5 inches is all you need.  Fold in half and that's it.I designed a scalloped template for the roof I used.  You can also just use some coordinating crafty scrap paper from your stash.  Consider using edging scissors or punches for a more detailed roof.  You could also use the scalloped edge just on the ends.

This is the what the finished digital product looks like before printing.

After it is printed out.  You only need scissors and glue for construction.  Perhaps a circle punch for that tricky hole!

There's my nifty roof.  Fussy cutting, yay!

Follow the cut and fold lines.  It's really, really easy and fast.

Attach your roof and that's the quick version of this house.  I used regular grade paper, but I'd suggest something a touch heavier and if you want to use it as a gift box, then go even heavier still, keep in mind the effects of folding.  Sometimes the print disappears.  I also recommend folding so that the cut and fold lines don't show.  If you look really closely at the above image, you can see a bit of the dotted line at the bottom.  If you fold it just a tiny bit further, it won't show up.

I would have loved to distressed around the edges and ink them up, too.  You can always place pearls when you've finished printing and any other traditional elements you like.   Mix it up, do digi all of the way or traditional style.  There is so much you can do with this template!

 birdhouse template

If you need a template for the roof, I've got one for you.  Just right click on this image.  It is saved as a png, so you'll be able to clip in one digital background for both shapes.  You can just crop out the one you don't want.  Of course, you can use it as a traditional cutting template, too.

Check out these other bird house template on our Pinterest board, Free Cutting Templates.  We plan on doing a few other versions of this same project so keep looking back or Follow our blog so you don't miss out.

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