Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Taking A Digital Scrapbooking Page to a Traditional Page and a Free Template

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

I'm so thrilled to be back with Traditional Tuesday after a long summer break.

We've got a hybrid challenge for you today.  Along with a fun tutorial and a free template so you can easily play along.

Check out my new digital templates, I've designed, Hip 2B ².  If you are not really into digital, no worries at all.  That's what The Cherry is all about.  Getting the transition or fusion if you prefer and making the best of ALL of the scrapbooking types to make it easier, cheaper and more enjoyable for you.

Sometimes, digital scrapbooking makes more sense.  If you're not sure how much a recipient of your scrap gift is to all of the hard work and materials in a traditional scrap will be, then go for digital.  It's half the price and half of the time, too.

Sometimes, it is just SO much easier to do part of your page digitally and finish up traditionally to get that sweet, tactile feel under your fingers.  Like the kind of pages pictured here.  It would be fairly daunting if not just amazingly time consuming to do a page like this, completely traditionally. Hence, a hybrid style!

This is 100% digital, but we are going to turn it into a hybrid to appeal to even more scrapbookers and hopefully get you into our challenge.

I too started off totally traditional.  For over a decade I scrapped with scissors and paper.  Then I stumbled across digital scrapbooking (thinking I thought of it all myself hehehe...).  Now, I use whatever is most convenient and best to complete the page of dreams.

So I plan on using the most simple of these four templates for the traditional or rather hybrid page. I'm going to do the square photo with the computer because it is just plain smart and faster and will give the exact same result as with traditional.  Then we will scrap up the photo traditionally.

We will use this image as a sketch. 

 free template

If you click on the image you can use the basic photo shape to scrap traditionally or hybrid.  It is a png file.  Either use an image with the template in a software program like Photoshop Elements or print and cut.

I hope you will use the template and join us in the challenge!

Feel free to show off your page in our group.

We will be back with our page and step by step tutorial next week.

Until then, happy scrapping!

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